Female Brain is Getting Stronger than Men’s

Aylin Altuntaş

Founder AA Executive Consulting

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road;
unless you fail to make the turn…” Helen Adams Keller

These words belong to the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, born in 1880 – An American author, political activist and lecturer.

What’s intelligence?

There are various types of people; people smart, visual smart, logical smart, nature smart, language smart, sound smart, sports smart…

Covid-19 forced a prestigious school in Paris to cancel oral entrance exams for its literature program. Instead, entrance was based entirely on a written test that did not reveal the candidates’ identities. The result? Twice as many women were elected.

Female brain is getting stronger than men’s.
Rational Brain is systematic, logical, informational, quantitative, realistic, functional, direct and analytical.
Emotional Brain is intuitional, instinctive, spontaneous, metaphoric, aesthetic, contextual, conceptual, and holistic.

In the early ages, while the men were making strategies to feed and protect in the woods; women were developing skills to feel, understand and satisfy the needs of the infant and the rest of the family. The classical education system and the work life in the cities supported the development of the Rational Brain. With the admission of the girls to the schools and later women to the work life in the 1857, the female brain started to use the rational brain as well as the naturally developed emotional brain. When the components of the high performance are studied, the impact of EQ to success is two times to IQ. The high performance of the senior executives is 90% linked to the emotional intelligence factors.

You go girls with the highly developed beautiful brains!

A few weeks ago, Google Doodle was about Prof. Dr. Dilhan Eryurt who was first Turkish woman worked in NASA. Eryurt is the Turkish astrophysicist, who worked for the Apollo Program in NASA between 1961-1973 and made major contributions to the scientific research on the formation and the evolution of the Sun and Stars.

In the memory of all the women leading up other women…

Aylin Altuntaş

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