First Hybrid Ferry

In the meantime, there are many scientific papers on climate change, especially around the question of how the consequences could be stopped or at least mitigated. A major cause of CO2 emissions is traffic, whether on land, water or air.

Ferries are often cited as polluters, so the Norwegian company Hurtigruten has now come up with an interesting solution with MS Roald Amundsen. This ferry is a hybrid model that does not rely entirely on gasoline or diesel.

For example, the MS Roald Amundsen has an electric motor that can work at least temporarily. In this way, the CO2 emissions should be reduced while driving, in order to place the environment accordingly a lower load.

20 percent less CO2 emissions planned
Around 20 percent of the CO2 emissions of the hybrid ferry to be reduced compared to a classic ferry. This is definitely a start, given the immense amounts of CO2 emitted by a large ferry, but also more a start than an ideal solution for climate protection.

In any case, it is gratifying that this area is also trying to burden the earth significantly less. Especially since the ferry from Hurtigruten shows that such a ferry does not lack luxury. For example, there is an infinity pool, a spa, restaurants and bars aboard the ferry.

Climate change is a science concern
In total, the MS Roald Amundsen offers space for 530 passengers, who will be able to sail along the Norwegian coast from the summer of 2019. An extension of the routes is also planned and should then extend to America.