Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Becomes the Ninth Member of the 100 Nillionaires Club

With the Nasdaq hitting record highs for several consecutive days, the once dominating “Billion Dollar Billionaire Club” finally ushered in its ninth member, and it is only one step away from the “Shuangshuang”.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index statistics, after the US stock market closed on Wednesday, the 65-year-old former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a net worth of US$101 billion, followed by Oracle (86.09, 3.01, 3.62%) Founder Larry Ellison is worth 98.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Like most of the “hundreds of billions” on the list, Ballmer’s huge assets rely entirely on the accumulation of the Internet industry. After stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft in 2014, his most well-known job now is as the owner of the NBA Clippers. Being able to become a billionaire depends entirely on the doubling of Internet leading stocks in the past year, only in the past. His worth increased by US$20.1 billion in half a year.

Similar to Ballmer, apart from the investment guru Buffett and the luxury empire owner Arnault, the remaining eight of the world’s top ten richest people all come from the Internet industry, not to mention that Buffett has nearly half of his wealth at Apple (144.57, 2.55, 1.80%) on the company’s stock. In the past six months this year, the wealth of the top ten richest people has increased by US$245 billion, totaling US$1.36 trillion.