Forspoken will be Postponed Provided that Final Fantasy … New Remor

There is no doubt that the development of Forspoken is not going as planned. Luminous Productions’ action RPG was supposed to see the light this month, but has been postponed to October 11, 2022. According to a recent rumor, it could also receive another postponement …

Shpeshal Nick thought about making gamers tremble in anticipation during the last episode of his podcast, Xbox Era. According to what he would have heard behind the scenes, Square Enix would be considering a further postponement for Forspoken, which could materialize under only one condition, that is, as long as Final Fantasy 16 can replace it and occupy its launch window.

It is a suggestive scenario, even if we cannot say how plausible it is. The sixteenth final fantasy has never been seen in action and the only material in our possession dates back to the trailer for the 2020 announcement. We would think that the development of FF16 is more backward than that of Forspoken, which instead has also shown itself with gameplay videos, but on the other hand the latest news is encouraging: in April the producer Naoki Yoshida announced that Final Fantasy 16 has entered the final stages of development, moreover for a few weeks there have been rumors of a new , upcoming State of Play dedicated to Final Fantasy 16.

Is Shpeshal Nick described a plausible scenario, in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments. One thing is certain, in any case: it is in the interest of Square Enix to launch those two games in different periods, so if Forspoken were to respect the launch date of October 2022, it is highly probable that Final Fantasy 16 will not show up sooner. of 2023.

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