The Technological Trends of 2019

Artificial intelligence, rugged reality, wearable accessories and 5G networks are transformed from futuristic technologies into a real part of our lives  Entrepreneurs, managers and analysts on the technological trends of 2019.

For the technology industry, 2019 may be more than a year of laying infrastructure than a year of historic breakthroughs, but it is likely to be a busy year as new key technologies begin to find their way into useful applications. The smart phone will continue to be our main technology tool at the end of the year, but as the rugged reality and wearable accessories progress, we will feel more and more that a new paradigm in personal computing is waiting around the corner.

This will be aided by technologies such as fifth generation networks, 5G, which will expand greatly by the end of 2020, and artificial intelligence will be assimilated into all kinds of products and will enable gadgets and various services to begin anticipating our desires.

These tectonic changes are already creating opportunities and opportunities for innovation. Venture capital investments in start-ups stood at $ 100 billion in 2018, well above $ 82 billion in 2017. The big question is which areas of opportunity will mature in 2019. We turned the question to venture capitalists, analysts and entrepreneurs who contributed their thoughts on the subject.

Deep Pike The borders are blurred

In the coming year we will see some technologies blurring the boundaries between what is real and what is synthetic. There is synthetic media in which powerful new tools for creating highly realistic computer imagery are made accessible to anyone with a reasonable laptop or smartphone, and synthetic media is content that is produced by algorithms. It is created when technologies such as generative adversarial networks produce, optimize, or edit media much more efficiently than humans (this technology is used, for example, to create DeepPick videos where people seem to say things they did not say or are implanted in situations that did not happen). It is possible to introduce new articles that have been “written” by artificial intelligence. All of this is also connected to digital avatars and celebrities and influencers virtual machines that use these tools.