French Foreign Ministry Celebrates World Cat Day

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs celebrated World Cat Day in its own way.

The ministry published a blog post on Twitter, which wanted to introduce the diplomatic cat “Nomi”.

The Foreign Office has hired a pair of cats, Nome and Noy, after the first king of the Brittany region in France, from where Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian was descended.

Official headquarters of ministries and public departments in France have used cats to cope with the invasion of rats and mice.

In 2017, FranceInfo revealed that cats were hired at the Interior Ministry in Beauvais Square in Paris to counter the “rodent attack”.

The radio said that the ministry in charge of relations with parliament, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, resorted to the same way to get rid of this “non-diplomatic guest” occupying the halls of luxury buildings.

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