Goodbye to ATMs and Cash

The world of money is constantly changing and soon we could see an increasingly reduced use of ATMs, as well as the farewell of cash.

Starting from the shopping, passing through the bills, up to the daily needs, in any case you have to put your hands in your wallet and pull out some money. The latter, over the years, has been the protagonist of constant changes, so much so that it has to deal with a gradual revolution in payment methods.

The last few months have been marked by the impact of Covid which has led us to change many of our habits. A clear example of this is purchases, which have seen a sharp increase in the e-commerce sector, with more and more people inclined to buy online. But not only that, the introduction of programs such as cashback and the receipt lottery, leads to greater use of electronic payment instruments, to the detriment of cash.

A situation that, according to many, seems to anticipate a world without cash and even without ATMs. The increase in digital payments, on the other hand, leads banks to close their branches. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of home banking services, with the services offered by ATMs which are now practically the same as those available online. If all this is accompanied by various initiatives aimed at reducing the use of cash, it is easy to understand how we are increasingly heading towards a future in the name of virtual payments.

In addition, commissions are also pushing towards the closure of bank branches. The latter, we recall, are the responsibility of those who decide to withdraw cash. A situation that pushes many to prefer digital payments, without costs, thus giving way to a gradual change in the way of paying, which could soon lead to the disappearance of paper money and ATMs.