Coca Cola is the Most Consumed Brand Worldwide

A report by Brand Footprint, a Kantar tool, a global leader in data, insights and consultancy, pointed out that, for the 9th consecutive year, Coca Cola was the most consumed brand in the world. Soda was chosen just over 6.5 billion times by consumers in 2020.

Although restrictions during the pandemic impacted Coca Cola‘s performance, as online purchases of food and beverages accelerated during the pandemic, it managed to increase its e-commerce sales by 50% because it was chosen 59 million times online.

Maintaining the position of the study released in 2020, Colgate took second place in the global ranking, being purchased 4.3 billion times. Among the top 5 in the survey, Colgate has the most penetration in homes: it is present in six out of every ten households in the world.

The third place in this year’s ranking was the brand of liquid soap Lifebuoy, from Unilever, present in more than 40 countries around the world – and bought 3 billion times. Last year, the brand was in the 5th position. Maggi fell one position, placing it in 4th place – Lay’s, a snack brand, fell from 4th to 5th place.

According to the study, hygiene and packaged food brands were the ones that benefited the most from the pandemic, which made 29 of the 50 most purchased brands in the world perform better last year, compared to 2019. Globally speaking, nothing less than that 88% of all growing brands attracted more buyers.

The ranking analyzed 23,500 brands in 54 countries. The 2021 edition of the report identified 26 global brands that have been purchased by the public more than 1 billion times. Kantar identifies this habit as “buying acts”.

The study also measured buyer behavior. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people went to the supermarket much less: 1.6 billion trips were stopped in 2020, compared to the previous year. And despite the reduction, the ticket per trip increased by 11%. As a result, consumers expanded their purchasing options and nearly two-thirds (64%) of the top 50 brands found additional buyers in 2020.