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According to statistics, the stocks of the world’s major pensions account for more than half. For example, the California Civil Service Retirement Fund (CalPERS) has a 50% stock position, about 11% in real assets, and 28% fixed income; the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (GPFG) has a 69% stock position, 28% fixed income, and real estate 2.8%. The world ’s largest Japanese government retirement investment fund (GPIF) is about $ 1.4 trillion, with nearly 50% in stocks and 40% in bonds.

According to the “Infrastructure of the Family Sector of the Year 106” observed by the General Accounting Office, the asset allocation of Chinese people ranks 36.8% of real estate, 25% of savings deposits, about 20% in life insurance reserves and retirement funds, and only about 16% in portfolio investment. Relative to the international pension fund’s asset allocation is conservative.

Prudential Investment pointed out that taking the bond-type PGIM US corporate bond fund as an example, it is one of the few domestic purely U.S. investment-grade bond funds. The investment team allocates more than 95% of investment-grade bonds, and it is mainly based on North American corporate bonds. The same type of products sold are competitive, and there are nearly 300 investment experts from the PGIM fixed income team to study and look at; the market is also conducive to the performance of investment grade bonds, which is expected to continue last year ’s capital tide and rising momentum and provide spread income. Advantages are the basic equipment that takes into account both defense and revenue opportunities this year.

Another PGIM Jennison Global Equity Opportunity Fund is also unique. It is different from general global equity funds. In addition to locking the investment portfolio in large leading stocks, stock selection focuses on high earnings growth stocks to ensure investment in long-term competitiveness Companies such as Amazon, Amazon, Louis Vuitton LVMH, Nike NIKE, Mastercard, and other internationally renowned companies all have a place in the main holdings, and the overall U.S. layout ratio is more than 50%; active stock selection from bottom to top, Master global investment opportunities and trends. Global investment opportunities are unlimited.

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