Goldman Sachs: “Chip Shortages” The Situation will Improve in the Second Half of the Year

In the past six months, news of chip shortages has been overwhelming, and many areas have been affected. Then, as the market was increasingly worried about the lack of cores, Goldman Sachs stepped up to appease the market.

Goldman Sachs chief Asia economist Andrew Tilton said that the supply chain disruption caused by global chip shortages may soon pass.

He said that in economies such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, China, which are involved in the chip supply chain, supply is obviously tight and shipments are delayed. This situation has had an impact on downstream industries, and automobile production is one of them.

“Our analysts believe that the chip supply chain is currently in its worst period, that is, downstream industries such as automobiles are in chaos, but this situation will improve in the second half of this year.”

At the same time, he also mentioned the water shortage in Taiwan, China. Chip manufacturing plants consume a lot of water every day, and Taiwan, China, where the world’s largest foundry chip manufacturing plant is located, is facing the worst water shortage in 56 years.

Dan Hearsch, managing director of AlixPartners’ automotive and industrial business, has previously expressed similar views as the chief Asian economist of Goldman Sachs. He expects that the biggest impact of core shortage on automobile production will appear in the second quarter, and then gradually in the second half of this year and 2022. Get better.