Green Pass for 80% of Italians is Worth more than Privacy

The data emerged from a recent research by Kaspersk

New research from Kaspersky analyzes how important data privacy is for Italians after the pandemic and what are the main concerns associated with it. Most Europeans would be willing to provide their personal data in order to no longer suffer from the restrictions imposed by the lockdown.

In the case of Italian citizens, as many as 80% would give up most of their privacy, in the form of personal and sensitive information in accordance with the Green Pass, in order to gain greater freedom of access to daily activities.

“While many Europeans are willing to give up their personal data in exchange for more freedom, it is important for national governments to be more transparent about data collection and storage policies, to build trust with citizens and safely overcome the pandemic “said Morten Lehn, General Manager Italy of Kaspersky. The possibility of returning to travel abroad is the reason that would push 36% of Italians to share their health data, followed by the possibility of returning to bars or restaurants (23%) and participating in major events (24%) .

Going back to shopping malls after the pandemic does not seem to interest compatriots very much: only 22% of the interviewees included it among the reasons for providing personal information. Italy is among the nations most concerned with how individual data is handled. While 98% declare that privacy is an important topic, only 63% of Italians believe they actually have control over the organizations that have access to it. In parallel, 85% of respondents are concerned that their data may fall into the wrong hands in the next two years. Kaspersky‘s research is based on interviews conducted on a sample of 8,000 people from nine European countries.