Alon Musk and his Humble Box House

Elon Musk, the founder of the giants Tesla and SpaceX – which specializes in electric cars that will become autonomous, and flying missiles into space, respectively – now lives in a special box house, which costs only $ 50,000 and is located inside the SpaceX complex in Texas. Is it about savings and modesty, or is it another story that promotes investment in a successful future business?

Multi-billionaires like Musk (the second richest man in the world, whose fortune is currently estimated at $ 160.3 billion according to Forbes) usually live in huge estates where luxury is a small word to describe, but the most intriguing technology developer’s house today is actually a cute little building, measuring 35m. “R. Apart from the small house where he actually lives, Musk, he says, has only one other guest house, and that’s all.

The little Musk house is not just a modest building, but a house made by a company called Boxable, which makes box houses manufactured in the factory by robots. The uniqueness of these houses, beyond their fully industrialized preparation, is that they are crammed into really relatively small boxes, which are easily shipped anywhere, and then simply opened and set up within a day, so at least that happened with Musk’s house.

Unlike prefabricated houses, the prefabricated parts of the structure are obtained and required to be assembled over a period, or in prefabricated cube houses, which are limited in size due to the difficulty of moving them, in the well-folded boxball box houses, all that is left is to place the compressed box Then the building must be wired and connected to the electricity and water networks, and to the other required services, and this is it – the house is available for occupancy. According to the company, due to the size of the compact boxes, one thousand such units can be shipped on a single ship.