GROOVE X Unveiled Family Robot

Robot development venture GROOVE X (Groove X) unveiled its own development robot on December 18. We started accepting reservations from the same night. From the autumn of 2019, ship in order.

The new robot is “LOVOT (Rabot)”. It is an appearance reminiscent of Russian folk art “matryoshka“. “I tried to make” Doraemonwithout a 4-dimensional pocket, it is a useless robot, I will not work for people, I am aiming to make a partner for humanity

( Representative of Groove X).

Equipped with computing power of the same level as automatic driving car

The humanoid robot tries to realize natural movement by mounting a large amount of motor. In the case of a robot, both hands like feathers move, only self-propelled by three wheels, and do not need a large amount of motor.

On the other hand, such as mounting deep learning  computing ability, “Sensing and computing power is equipped with the equivalent of automatic driving car” For example, a robot says that people do not install a map, but self-propel themselves to create a map inside the house.

Mr. Hayashi cherished the development of the robot, making tricks to be loved by people. I reduced the weight to the same weight (3 kg) as my newly born baby and added a gesture to demand hugs. When it is held by a person, it generates heat as “a little warmer than the human skin” and sleeps as soon as she is hungry.

The robot also has a watch function and an answering machine function. If you put it in your parent’s house, you know when the parent hugged the robot or was still charging (Since the state of continuing charging is a danger signal, it will encourage actions such as contacting the parent). If you are concerned about the state of your pet being out of the house, you instruct the smartphone to go to see the state of the robot. It sends information.