Hands are Wet What is the Reason

Experts believe that under normal conditions, sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon. It can help regulate body temperature and moisturize the skin, but if the hands cannot control excessive sweating, it will affect people’s normal work. And life. The proportion of people sweating in the palm of the hand is not small, and the proportion of sweating that has developed into a “hand sweat syndrome” is probably less than 5%, and this kind of illness is more troublesome. Some children have sweaty palms, and they must keep wiping their hands when doing homework to avoid getting the workbook wet. The speed of sweating during the exam doubles, which affects the effect of the exam; some even cannot hold hands with others for a long time.

Experts pointed out that the appearance of this symptom may be related to heredity, which is a physical problem of the human body and has no direct impact on health. In general, those with moderate or mild palm sweating can eat something to clear the heat and strengthen the spleen. In summer, you should eat more heat-clearing and heat-relieving, digestion and spleen-enhancing things in order to better resist damp heat and reduce the number and quantity of sweating in the palm of your hand. Those with moderate and severe palm sweating who do not achieve good results with the method of removing dampness and heat should choose surgical treatment, but there are some taboos for surgery. Before choosing, you need to seek the opinion of a doctor and enter the small according to your own condition?

Hand sweating is different from sweating in other parts of the body.

The other part sweats because of the heat, the hotter the more sweat.
Sweating in the palm is related to physical fitness, endocrine and so on. For a healthy person, even if he sweats all over his body, his palms should be dry. People who sweat a lot often have no sweat on their body, but their hands are cold and sweaty, and they feel cold. Some people sweat more in winter. Sweating in the palm of your hand is a manifestation of physical coldness. If you are also afraid of the cold at the same time and your hands and feet are cold in winter, you should be right. Eat more warm foods to condition the body, but also to strengthen the exercise, the purpose is to accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, should have a good effect.

Feeling nervous, or eating spicy food, weather or clothing is too thick will sweat the palm of your hand, generally speaking, it is normal. If there is sweat in the hands and feet all year round, it may be hyperhidrosis, which requires treatment.
Treatment of hyperhidrosis:
Avoid mental stress and emotional excitement.

Causes of Eczema on Your Hands
Eczema is generally caused by allergens.It is best to find allergens to avoid contact as much as possible. While treating general exposure to allergens, it is not cured.If it is not serious, it is not necessary to use drugs. Hormones and side effects cannot be used to treat eczema. Very large, if the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is seriously recommended, more attention in daily life will reduce the chance of recurrence.

Pay attention to medication. It is strongly not recommended to use drugs for a long time. The application of drugs is only an expedient measure. In fact, all external medicines are palliative and permanent, and excessive use will lead to hormone dependence.

The problem that should be paid attention to is to avoid stimulating the local area again, avoid scratching the local area with hands as much as possible, and do not use hot water or soapy water to clear the local area, and do not apply those irritating drugs to the local area.

Reduce the chance of hands being stimulated

Reduce the chance of irritation. When doing housework that touches water, wear two layers of gloves. The inner layer is sweat-absorbing cotton gloves, and the outer layer is waterproof plastic gloves. Several pairs of gloves should be prepared. Cotton gloves should be replaced when they are soaked in sweat. Plastic gloves should be replaced immediately when they are broken. Don’t wear only plastic gloves, because hands that are soaked in sweat and dirt are more susceptible to allergens. Or the intrusion of irritants causes eczema to worsen.

Usually wash your hands less and use less soap. It is better to replace soap with soap-free cleaning products. Since water that is too hot or too cold hurts the skin, warm water should be used. Wash your hands when washing, especially paying attention to the dirt or detergent hidden in your fingers.

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Hand sweating is different from sweating in other parts of the body.

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