Apple’s Self-Developed Computer Chip to be Available at the end of the Year

Apple’s self-developed computer chip debut, the first product is expected to be available at the end of the year
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Apple today (23.06.2020) held the 2020 WWDC Global Developers Conference (hereinafter referred to as WWDC20) in the United States. This is also the first full-line live broadcast in 33 years. This time WWDC20 will update its four software operating systems for mobile phones, computers, smart watches and TV set-top boxes.

WWDC is coming to an end, Apple Liangzhao announced the plan for self-developed chips. Apple believes that the chip is the core of the hardware and the root of the product. Apple’s self-developed chips will have higher scalability, high-performance GPUs, stronger professional capabilities, and stronger neural engines. Of course, the more important thing is to make the platform unified.

  Apple launched universal2 application, which can unify binary applications inside, even Intel processors can run.

The conference will demonstrate the Apple chip created based on the Apple A12Z chip as an early round product. We can already run well-known applications on this chip, such as Final Cut Pro and picture functions. At the same time, Apple also cooperates with Adobe and Microsoft. Office applications and Photoshop can already be used on this prototype. You can even cut 4K sources. Using Apple chips can support iOS applications and iPad applications.

In addition, Apple announced an acceleration plan to promote the development of Apple chips and apps. And give the application developers a Mac host based on A12Z chip for testing.

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Apple's Self-Developed Computer Chip to be Available at the end of the Year

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