Harry Styles Explains Why he Gave up the Role of Prince Eric

Former One Direction member Harry Styles has revealed the reasons that led him to give up the role of Prince Eric.

A few weeks ago, entertainment sites reported the news that Disney was evaluating Harry Styles for the role of Prince Eric in the live action of The Little Mermaid. Among the fans there were already those who rejoiced and hoped and those who instead proposed alternatives closer to their tastes. Not long after, however, following a first moment of confusion, it was confirmed that the singer and actor had preferred to step aside, giving up the role.

The reasons behind this decision have remained unclear for weeks. Yesterday, however, The Face published an interview with Harry Style, during which the topic Prince Eric was touched. On that occasion, the former member of the One Direction explained very simply why he preferred not to engage in the La Sirenetta live action project:

We talked about it. I want to release new music and concentrate on this for a while. But all the people involved were fantastic, so I think it will be incredible. I will enjoy watching it, I’m sure.

Harry Styles has therefore made it clear that he has other priorities at the moment. His goal is to focus all his energies on his first love, or music. At the moment there are still no particular details on the singer’s near future, but we know that the new album should be ready. Still according to The Face, the choice of the first single should be missing. We are certain, however, that the first succulent information will soon arrive.

Meanwhile, Disney had to turn its attention to other candidates. Among these seems to be the actor of 13 Reasons Why, Christian Navarro. The latter recently announced on Twitter that he had sent an audition to the studio precisely for the role of Prince Eric, rejected by Harry Styles. Also on this side, it should not be long before we know something concrete. Or so we hope. The curiosity to know which actor will join Halle Bailey in La Sirenetta is always a lot.