Le Maire: “Priority is a Common Strategy with Nissan”

Speaking at the Ambrosetti Forum underway in Cernobbio, Bruno Le Maire also spoke about the Renault-FCA issue. Responding to those who asked him about a possible reopening of the merger negotiations, also in light of the new government in Italy, the French Economy Minister stated that “the priority, for Renault and Nissan, is to define a common strategy for the future”.

A step at a time. Le Maire said he was always clear on this point, adding that the French and Japanese companies must now outline “a clear strategy” to face the challenges posed by the automobile industry, such as the electric car and autonomous driving . The change in progress is rapid, but requires carefully planned operations. “Better not do too many things at the same time”, said the owner of the transalpine economic department. Shortly before, Le Maire had called the formation of the new government “a unique opportunity to give new impetus to Franco-Italian relations on economic and financial issues”.