He Invented A Gun to Shoot Masks

Some people are still reluctant to wear a mask, despite official recommendations or the obligation in some places. The United States in particular has seen the emergence of anti-mask protests, closely linked to the followers of firearms. This gave Allen Pan, a YouTuber with over a million subscribers who loves wacky science experiments, some ideas. He decided to combine the two subjects and create a gun that shoots masks in the face of those who don’t wear them.

In his previous videos, Allen Pan created a Pokémon that breathes fire, electrifies Nerf darts or even timed strangers to know if running like the character Naruto, arms back, allows you to go faster. This time, he completely made his own air pistol inspired by net cannons and bolas.

The gun is made with a CO2 cartridge connected to an 800 PSI solenoid valve, all mounted with tubes on a paint gun handle. He slipped a push button behind the trigger to trigger the whole thing. The mask is driven by the weighted clips, the weights of which are mounted on the four tubes connected to the valve. When the shot is fired, the ties wrap around the head like bolas to hold the mask.

The first tests on a mannequin are rather conclusive, but an element quickly breaks as soon as he tries to use it in public. In its current form, the gun would be dangerous anyway, since it shoots metal projectiles around the face. The project remains nevertheless very interesting for its creativity, and could inspire other budding inventors to transform their ideas into reality.

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