He is Arrested for Driving A Giant Robot in the Streets of Beijing

In China, some quite strange traffic incidents have been happening lately, one example being a man who places powerful wheels on his body, and rashly accelerates on the busiest streets.

Another recent case has begun to haunt the Internet, involving an individual whose creation must have been inspired by films such as Transformers or Gundam. The man put together what appeared to be a giant armored robot, and took it out to spin.

Naturally, such a machine slowly rolling through the streets of Beijing attracted the attention of local residents, who could not help taking photos and videos of the robotic wonder.

According to the driver, the machine can carry up to two people, and can switch between humanoid and tank modes. Apparently, the robot was a prototype that was being tested in the streets in preparation for the “Taobao Maker Festival”, an annual event that exhibits various gadgets and creative designs.

However, officials warned the pilot to keep the robot off the road, as it would undoubtedly cause chaos in the traffic, perhaps even inspiring people to build their own giant robots.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder