Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a major impact on our lives. Many of us face various challenges that can make adults and children feel unbearably stressed and can cause intense mood swings. Public health actions (such as maintaining social distancing) are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID19, but they may also make us feel alienated and lonely, and may increase stress and anxiety. Learning to deal with stress in a healthy way will make you, the people you care about, and those around you more resilient and optimistic.

Stress can cause the following:

Feeling scared, angry, sad, worried, numb, or depressed
Changes in appetite, energy, desire, and interest
Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
Difficulty falling asleep or having nightmares
Physiological reactions, such as headache, body aches, stomach problems, and rash
Worsening chronic health problems
Lead to worsening mental health problems
Increase the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
It is normal to feel stress, anxiety, sadness and worry during the COVID-19 epidemic. Here are ways you can help yourself, others, and your community cope with stress.

Healthy ways to cope with stress
Pause watching, reading or listening to news reports, including information on social media. Well-informed is a good thing, but it can be upset to keep hearing news of the epidemic. Consider limiting the time to watch the news to a few times a day, and stay away from mobile phones, TVs, and computer screens temporarily.
Take care of the body.
Take a deep breath, stretch your body, or meditate on the external icon.
Try a healthy, balanced diet.
Exercise regularly.
Ensure adequate sleep.
Avoid excessive drinking, smoking and drug abuse.
Insist on taking routine preventive measures (such as vaccination, cancer screening, etc.) in accordance with the recommendations of the medical service provider.
Get COVID-19 vaccine when available.
Take time to relax. Try to do other things you like.
Connect with others. Talk to someone you trust about your concerns and feelings.
Contact your community or religious organization. Although social distancing measures have been taken, you can still try to contact them via the Internet, social media, telephone or email.
Help others cope with stress
Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of others better. During the period of social distancing, keeping in touch with family and friends is especially important. Helping others cope with stress through phone or video chat can help you and your loved ones reduce feelings of alienation or loneliness.

In a busy life, each of us will inevitably have negative emotions such as tension and anxiety. At this time, we must learn to relax. The ability to relax is very important to maintain physical and mental health.

People, the more relaxed, the more powerful, the more relaxed, the more successful

If you are manipulated by worry, pain, powerlessness, anxiety, fear, etc., your brain and emotions, then you cannot connect to your higher self. If you are in a relaxed state, you cannot be affected by negative emotions, but you can control your emotions. It can be seen that relaxation is very important to us, and it affects our work and life.

When we realize that we are tense in life, we must be conscious to cultivate ourselves to leave the situation and space to relax. If there is nature around you, go to see some flowers and grass and look at the sky, so that you can switch you The whole mode of, allows you to withdraw from that tight space. Another way to relax is to take a bath. When we feel tired and stressed, we can choose to take a bath, which is to go to the bathroom to turn on your faucet and let the water wash your whole body. The element of water also accounts for 70% of our body, so when water washes you in your body, it is not a simple cleansing, it is a way to remove these tiredness and fatigue in your body through the flow of water. The pressure leaves your body so you can relax quickly and well.

Another way to relax is to sleep. Especially for women, if you feel uncomfortable or stressed, you can choose to take a break and take a short sleep. It can improve your fatigue while sleeping.

When we relax, we will experience everything, and we can do it effortlessly. We can truly feel the whole energy and the original laws of everything.

We do so many exercises, asanas, meditations, and chanting can relax us. Only when we relax, all the systems of our entire body can truly operate and adjust themselves. It can truly absorb the oxygen of our universe through our breath, to nourish our body, and let our body recover automatically.

If you find that you feel nervous for a while, then you have to reflect on your life. What have you done recently to make me nervous? I will let myself adjust. I will do some simple breathing back to simple sitting.

Yoga is not only in practice, but also in your life. If you don’t relax, you have to stop. Only if you learn to relax, you can start better.

So relaxation is closely related to our lives. Relaxation is to better deal with our lives. When we learn to relax in yoga, then we have to extend this relaxation to life!


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