Heidi Klum: Am I Pregnant Again

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Heidi Klum flirted with pregnancy rumors

Heidi Klums, 47,  pregnancy rumors  was the number one topic of discussion in the media. The GNTM juror loved to fuel the rumors of pregnancy on social media and to deny them at the same time.

It shows how Heidi Klum constantly asks her team about snacks: “What do you eat all the time?” and “I mean, I would smell chips,” is heard.

The 47-year-old is apparently constantly on the lookout for food: “What else can we eat delicious?” In order to anticipate the speculation, it says at the end of the teaser:

“I’ve already eaten so much. What’s wrong with me, am I pregnant again?”
The mother of four children grins mischievously at the camera. So the remark wasn’t really meant seriously.

Samuel Koch and Sarah Elena Timpe “We want children!”
Samuel Koch, 33, and Sarah Elena Timpe (Koch), 35, tied the knot in 2016. Today, almost five years later, they finally want to fulfill their dearest wish: offspring. But before that, they apparently need to clarify a few basic things.

The couple has just published a children’s book entitled “Das Kuscheltier-Kommando”, which, Sarah Koch explains in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”, has already been written “prophylactically”. “We want children,” the former “Storm of Love” star announced to “Bunte”. But: “First we have to clarify important educational issues, such as whether the children should read Harry Potter or the Bible.” The actress explained that it was a running gag for the couple: “I wasn’t brought up as religiously as Samuel. I admire his beliefs, but it’s too strict for me now and then.”

One thing is particularly important to Samuel: “In raising children, it would be important to me that our children feel loved unconditionally, regardless of performance or success,” explains the former gymnast, who participated in a 2010 stunt at “Wetten, dass ..? ” fell and has been paraplegic ever since. The 33-year-old answers the question of whether offspring is also possible in the natural way with a good dose of humor: “According to current medical research, I cannot become a mother, but father is not a problem.”

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