Homemade Wellness Program to Enjoy A Relaxed Weekend

Follow these few tips that are easy to do at home to relax  at the weekend.

Stress, tension, fatigue … Finally, the end of the week is here and it’s time to take care of yourself. Relaxation on the program and nothing can mar this privileged bubble of escape. So, how do you organize a homemade wellness program to enjoy a relaxed weekend?

Far from the daily stress and tight schedules of the week, the weekend must remain a privileged moment to learn to refocus on oneself. And since all relaxation is not burdened with a clock, forget the time constraints for a weekend and listen to your desires and your needs. No need to wake up: the sun from the half-open window is enough to wake you up on the right foot. Take the time to stretch conscientiously to take advantage of the last heat in the duvet and deeply relax your muscles. Breathing deeply is also an essential principle of relaxation therapy. A gourmet and complete breakfast will give you a smile to fully enjoy this day of freedom.

Whether expressed physically or psychologically, work stress tends the body and blocks energies. To calm down and achieve relaxation, a few yoga exercises are enough.

The bathroom: your relaxation asset
No need for a hot tub or a personal masseur to indulge and relax at home. The bathroom must become your alcove of relaxation to enjoy all the benefits of a weekend devoted to relaxation. The ideal, if you have a bathtub, is a hot bath (but not too much), a few sparkling bath salts, a sweet and gourmet bubble bath and a very sweet playlist, you are already relaxed. Plunging about twenty minutes in a delectable bath can reduce the tensions of the most stressed among you. By the way, a beauty mask, a scrub and a foot massage, you will be in paradise. For the less fortunate who do not have a bathtub, do not panic: a good hot shower and hair and facial treatments will do the trick to give you a special moment of relaxation. In a nutshell: pamper yourself!

For relaxation, indulge yourself!
Fancy a hot tea, curled up in your favorite armchair with the latest novel by your favorite author. Spend time in the garden organizing your beds in the sun. Fancy a two-hour nap in front of a TV movie under a cozy blanket.  Do what you want! We just have to target what gives us pleasure and that we don’t have time to tune in during the week. We switch off the phones and various ringtones, we cook a good meal to share with the family or we allow ourselves a yoga session, the principle is to have a good time.

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