Suzanne Lindon: “I Preferred to Move in Alone when I was 18”

At 20, the daughter of Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lindon unveils Seize Printemps, her first film as a director, written in secret, in which she plays the lead role. A story of emancipation.

The diary of a teenage girl, Seize Printemps tells a love story between a high school student who is bored with people her age and a disillusioned 35-year-old comedian. Fresh, sensitive and poetic, this 2021 version of L’Effrontee, by Claude Miller, was awarded the “Cannes Festival” label and enthusiastically received at the last Angouleme Festival. “Cinema is so precious that I didn’t want to enter it too quickly. The fact of having written and directed this film to play a role in it was a way of taking my first steps as I intended. ” With a shapely head and an obvious sensitivity, Suzanne promises to keep the name Lindon shining for a long time to come. In video, the trailer for “Seize Printemps” This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Share: “Seize Printemps”, the trailer “Seize Printemps”, a film by Suzanne Lindon, with Suzanne Lindon, Arnaud Valois …

“Sixteen Spring” “I started writing my film when I finished middle school, when I was 15. It was born out of the desire to be an actress and to offer me a role with legitimacy. The story of this teenage girl came to me because I found the period complicated: I no longer felt like a child and was still a stranger to the adult world. It’s a time to look for yourself, when the social injunction urges you to belong to a group. Writing this film was my escape route; I address the idea that as a teenager, we embellish the lives of others a lot, and that our daily life seems bland next to theirs. Imagining a story between a girl my age and an older man also allowed me to break out of my routine. This film is situated between the autobiography and my aspirations of the time.

The heroine’s name is Suzanne, she lives my daily life at the time of writing, and like her I’m an obsessive. It was also important for me to film a family that gets along well, because you rarely see that in the movies. Not all teenagers run away or become “goths” who listen to metal! ” Daughter of… Suzanne Lindon “I don’t associate my parents with their profession,” says the young director. Matias Indjic “The image people have of you is the one you convey. However, I do not consider myself or behave as a “daughter of”. I do not associate my parents with their profession. I am not interested in how they are viewed. I’m proud of them, I admire them for what they are, for what they reflect. They are also honest people with a lot of empathy and a course of action that I like. I don’t have to see their movies to find out. So I don’t feel like I suffered from their status. I was preserved from their notoriety, and I never set foot on a set before that of my first feature film.

When my desire to make a film took shape, I preferred to leave the family nest and move in alone, at 18, so that no one would get involved in my project. I wanted to isolate myself to make sure I did everything on my own. My parents were only informed of this once it took shape. They were respectful of my choice, and proud, I believe, that it happened that way. ” I admire my generation, I find it courageous 20 years in 2021 “It’s not easy to be 20 in 2021, but it’s not for anyone. The world is falling apart, but I hope he gets back on his feet. Young people suffer because they would like to be intoxicated by the characteristics of their age, namely a certain recklessness and recklessness. Of course, I do not feel at all legitimate to complain, as I am part of a very privileged minority. Obviously, I would love to go clubbing and kiss the first boy you come across, but that would require walking around all the time with your PCR test under your belt! I still admire my generation: I find it courageous. I have the impression that.