Honda to Recruit Business Partners at “CES 2019”

Honda to recruit business partners at “CES 2019” Greatly recruit business partners in Robodyx, Mobility and Energy fields.

Honda announced the exhibition outline of the world’s largest appliance fair “CES 2019” to be held in Las Vegas, USA from 12th January next year. The company declared to promote open innovation at “CES 2017” two years ago. While introducing concrete technologies this time, it says “to promote research and development and seek partners for commercialization.”

Autonomous work vehicle is a platform of autonomous mobile mobility developed based on” 3E – D18 “exhibited at” CES 2018 “. It is characterized by being able to be used for various purposes by replacing the attachment.

We have already begun demonstration experiments with several partners in the United States. For example, we are engaged in weeding work at large solar photovoltaic power plant in North Carolina State, for monitoring work of test farm at University of California Davis, equipment handling in fire brigade in Colorado State, reconnaissance and communication support in dangerous places such as forest fire Is going.
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“Honda P.A.T.H. Bot” (Passbot) is a robot that recognizes the surrounding situation with AI and moves while avoiding people and obstacles. P.A.T.H. is an abbreviation for Predicting Action of the Human, which means that people can travel smoothly without giving fears to people in public spaces. The maximum speed is 6 km.

Honda RaaS Platform “(Lars platform) provides common functions such as accumulation of data necessary for robot and coordination between robots in the form of API, SDK (software development kit), etc. We are seeking partners to create services together, aiming to realize seamless robotics services.

Honda Omni Traction Drive System” (Omni Traction Drive System) is a unique wheel mechanism born from robotics research. It is characterized by being able to freely move 360 degrees freely, such as front, back, left and right, diagonal, etc. It is already adopted as the wheel mechanism of personal mobility “UNI – CUB” (Unicab).

We also started licensed production jointly with Nidec Shimpo. It is expected to be put to practical use in the beginning of 2019 as Nidec Shimpo ‘s unmanned conveying cart “S – CART” (Eskart).

SAFE SWARM (Safe Swarm) is a technology concept that assists lane change and merging by utilizing the car-to-vehicle / road-to-vehicle communication technology of a connected car. Even in the hordes, we aim to make the flow of cars smoother like a group of fish swimming (= Swarm) without hitting each other. Honda announced the concept of SAFE SWARM at “CES 2017″ two years ago and has been conducting demonstration experiments on State Route 33 of Ohio State in the United States since the beginning of 18 years.

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