Hong Kong Shares Rise

Hong Kong’s stock rose on Wednesday, ignoring a weaker performance on Wall Street after US President Donald Trump interrupted stimulus talks with lawmakers, with investors focusing on the China’s next Ant Group IPO.

The Ant Group, backed by the Alibaba Group, is likely to be the largest IPO in the world and is expected to raise up to $ 35 billion on a double listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai, probably this month.

The Hang Seng index was up 1.09%, its fourth consecutive earnings session.

In the region, the MSCI stock index for Asia, excluding Japan, jumped 0.89%, while the Japanese Nikkei index fell 0.05%.

. In HONG KONG, the HANG SENG index rose 1.09% to 24,242 points.

. In Seoul, the KOSPI index appreciated by 0.89%, to 2,386 points.

. In TAIWAN, the TAIEX index increased by 0.33%, to 12,746 points.

. In SINGAPORE, the STRAITS TIMES index appreciated 0.36%, to 2,538 points.

. In SYDNEY, the S & P / ASX 200 index advanced 1.25%, to 6,036 points.

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