How Much Tesla Employees can Earn

Tesla is preparing for the opening of its Gigafactory Brandenburg – and pays starting salaries from 2,700 euros gross. This puts the US automaker on a par with the competition.

The first cars are expected to roll off the production line at the new Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin as early as summer 2021. To do this, Elon Musk initially needs around 12,000 employees – in the long term even up to 40,000. New ads keep appearing on the company’s website. Tesla divides the positions into four areas: Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Operations Management. Regardless of whether you are a manager, engineer or craftsman: Grünheide is a place where people from all professions are in demand.

The Tesla boss attracts new employees with a comparatively attractive offer: According to Jochem Freyer, head of the Frankfurt employment agency, the starting salary in the lowest wage group is 2700 euros gross. Even for the unemployed without training. With a completed vocational training, the gross monthly salary should be 3500 euros. “Tesla pays better than is customary in the area,” says Freyer. Although the automobile manufacturer would not take over the collective agreement, it would approach the wage agreement for the metal and electrical industry.
,The average starting salary in the automotive industry is 2,623 euros. This means that the industry is currently among the top ten in Germany with regard to the start. The hotel and catering industry is worst paid with an average starting salary of 2165 euros. The banks offer the best start with around 4671 euros, followed by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (4346 euros) and plant engineering (4046 euros). Traffic, transport and logistics are currently at the same level as the automotive industry, paying an average of 2662 euros.

So far, there is no precise information about the salary of specialists and managers. Despite its size, Tesla is not exactly known for high wages in the United States. If one compares the salaries of employees at other locations in Germany, which were published on the Kununu career portal, one can only speculate what salary future employees of the Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg can expect. On average, a car salesman at Tesla receives a gross annual salary of 39,200 euros. For comparison: Tesla is above BMW (38,200 euros), but below the average of Daimler (44,900 euros), VW (42,900) and Audi (42,500 euros).

A vehicle mechatronics technician earns an average of 37,200 euros in the other Tesla locations. After all, that’s a higher salary than VW (33,300 euros). Nevertheless, employees at Daimler (38,682 euros), Audi (43,470 euros) and BMW (47,000 euros) receive more. Tesla also pays the designer below the average of the well-known competition. Tesla awards the same salary as BMW with 55,000 euros. VW, Audi and Daimler pay over 14,000 euros more for this position. When comparing salaries, it is noticeable that the managerial positions, on the other hand, are paid quite well. For example, Tesla’s average annual salary for a country manager is 102,700 euros, while VW only awards 79,000 euros.



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