How to Get An Apple iPhone Cheaper

Shortly after publication, there are mobile phone contracts with the current iPhone, where you can save several hundred euros compared to buying in the Apple Store.

A few months after the market launch, retailers sell the new iPhones cheaper than Apple itself.
To launch a new iPhone generation, Apple is lowering the price of its predecessor models by 100 to 200 euros. These devices often provide Apple with updates for years to come.

Who decides on a used iPhone, pays least. Certified used goods with warranty sell on specialized dealers.
Buying an iPhone from the US is usually not worth it.

Granted: Apple devices are quite expensive. For savers there are certainly cheaper alternatives. But such an iPhone is already chic. And besides the design, there is another advantage: The hardware of the iPhone works perfectly together with the iOS operating system from Apple – making the smartphone fast and stable. If you feel magically attracted to the iPhone, you will learn how to get as cheap as possible to one of the coveted phones.

A new generation: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr

It has been over eleven years since Apple released its first iPhone. In 2018, the company unveiled another generation with three new smartphones: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr.

The iPhone Xs is a straight forward development of the iPhone X. The design has changed in comparison to its predecessor nothing. There is also a new color variant: In addition to silver and space-gray, the iPhone Xs are also available in gold.

In addition to the rimless 5.8-inch OLED display familiar from the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs Max has a diameter of 6.5 inches. The slightly cheaper iPhone Xr has an intermediate size of 6.1 inches and sits on an LCD screen. Apple dispenses with all new models on a home button with fingerprint sensor. Instead, iPhone owners can unlock their smartphone via face recognition (“Face ID”).

You can buy the iPhone Xs at the Apple Store since September 21st. The price is steep: For the model with 64 GB of memory, € 1,149 is due. If you want to treat yourself to more storage space, you have to pay a lot: for 256 GB Apple demands € 1,319 and for 512 GB it is € 1,549. The iPhone Xs Max costs 100 euros each more.

The iPhone Xr comes in six different colors and costs between 849 Euro and 1,019 Euro. Apple no longer provides an adapter for headphones with a classic jack plug.

For the first time after the show, iPhones are usually not much cheaper than Apple’s original prices. In this time, a contract with iPhone can be worthwhile. Once the deal with the current iPhones has set, the dealer often offer the devices cheaper than Apple itself.

With the new iPhone generation, the older models have become cheaper at Apple. Noteworthy: Apple has taken the new generation of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr as an opportunity to take the original iPhone X and the cheap iPhone SE from the Apple Store.

Cheaper predecessors: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 follow a different design than the iPhone X series. The 4.7-inch display (5.5 inches in the Plus version) does not cover the entire front. Instead, there is room for a Home Button with fingerprint sensor (“Touch ID”). iPhone 8 (Plus) is a further development of the iPhone 7. Since the iPhone 7 Apple relies on a dual camera with 12 megapixels.

While iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus hardly differ externally from the iPhone 7, under the hood has done a lot: Apple has installed a much faster processor and graphics chip.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus now cost between 679 and 959 euros. The iPhone 7 is the cheapest iPhone in the Apple Store with 519 euros. As iPhone 7 Plus it costs up to 759 euros.

Anyone who swears on Apple, but does not want to spend 500 euros and more for a cell phone, can confidently buy an iPhone 6s. Of the power of the iPhone 6s is enough in everyday life completely. And even if Apple no longer leads the smartphone in his shop, the company continues to deliver software updates. The iPhone 6s is available at many online retailers – new and used.

How cheap is the iPhone at online retailers?

Whenever a new iPhone generation hits the market, it takes a while for the regular trading of devices to get used to it. Due to initial supply bottlenecks, some traders are demanding completely overpriced prices soon after their release. Over time, the price drops.

After a year 20 percent of the purchase price saved

One year after the launch, the iPhone in the trade is much cheaper than directly from Apple. As an example, at the beginning of September 2018, we asked the prices for the iPhone X with 64 gigabytes of memory at various retailers: We would have saved a quarter of the purchase price if we had bought the device not on Apple, but on Ebay. At a cheap online retailer on Amazon with good reviews, we would have spent 17 percent less. With the iPhone 8, the savings on Ebay would even be 26 percent. At the dealer on Amazon, there are still 22 percent.