How to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

The former  Chronic inflammation is not easy to detect, in fact, it is the culprit of many diseases of the body. It is written that even if you do not see a wound, the chronic inflammation that occurs in the body is almost linked to all diseases. In fact, the inflammation of the body can be traced back to the source, and has a great correlation with eating. If the diet is excessive or uneven, the fat will accumulate around the internal organs, which may cause an inflammatory reaction of the whole body and cause disease.

Although anti-inflammatory diets seem to be commonplace, there are many benefits to implementation. Can be improved: rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and colorectal cancer.

3 major anti-inflammatory foods:
1. Vegetables, fruits: Many fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients of phytochemicals, such as: anthocyanins, quercetin, etc., all help to improve the body’s inflammatory response. Among the top 7 anti-inflammatory foods that are recognized are: onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, purple broccoli, and cherries.

2. Nuts, oils and fats: In addition to fruits and vegetables containing phytochemicals, foods containing OMEGA-3 also have anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, nuts, walnuts, olive oil, linseed oil, canola oil, bitter tea oil, and even deep-sea fish are good choices.

3. Green tea: In recent years, many studies have also pointed out that green tea containing tea polyphenols has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

6 foods that induce inflammation:
1. Sugar: In addition to eating too much sugar can cause tooth decay, sugar is also associated with long-term diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

2. Dairy products: About 60% of the world’s people cannot digest milk, and milk is an allergen that causes inflammation. These include gastrointestinal pains such as constipation and diarrhea, as well as skin diseases such as rashes, urticaria, acne and difficulty breathing.

3. Trans fat: increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol. They increase inflammation, resistance to insulin, obesity, and cause degenerative diseases. There are trans fats in fried foods and fast foods, and it can also be found in foods made from artificial butter and hydrogenated oil.

4. Excessive alcohol: Drinking alcohol can cause inflammation of the throat, esophagus and liver. This chronic inflammation promotes tumor growth and leads to cancer.

5. Processed meat: Medical research has targeted a molecule that is not naturally produced by humans (Neu5Gc). After ingesting this compound, the body begins to produce anti-Neu5Gc antibodies that cause chronic inflammation. This inflammation is associated with heart disease and cancer.

6. Refined grains: Many of the grains we eat are refined. The refined grain has no vitamin B and fiber, only empty heat. They cause hyperglycemia, leading to degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The most common are: white rice, white bread, white flour, noodles, pastries, pasta and biscuits.


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The former  Chronic inflammation is not easy to detect, in fact, it is the culprit of many diseases of the body.

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