Make Perfect Eyebrows

There is a saying that “the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes”. But getting to those perfect eyebrows is not always the easiest. In this eyebrow guide I will tell you how you go about getting beautiful eyebrows step by step, and even you as a guy who wants to teach you how to make your eyebrows can hang out and learn how to do it.

The eyebrow makeup approaches are as many as eyebrow trends throughout the year. A big trend in recent times is the so-called instagram bridges where the eyebrows have sharply marked contours. Another trend I clearly remember is the thin lines to eyebrows that were big in the 90s. Right now, the big eyebrow trend is natural, well-groomed eyebrows.

Painting beautiful eyebrows and filling the eyebrows naturally is not that difficult. If you are completely new to taking care of your eyebrows then you can go to a salon and get help with the brows the first time, then it is quite easy to keep track of them yourself at home, if you have the right products to say.

If you now feel that “no, I’m ready to create the perfect eyebrows on your own” then you need to start by measuring out some guidelines for your eyebrows:

If you have naturally fine color and density on your eyebrows then it is enough that you just make sure to get the shape of the brows in order. Here are a few different techniques and tools to use. It is the tweezers, eyebrow wax and brow knife.

Use the eyebrow tweezers to easily remove unwanted hairs on the face one by one. It is easy to make use of if you have a few unwanted eyebrow strokes that you want to get rid of, or when to fix the fin on your shaped eyebrows. Technics Oblique Tweezer is a tweezer with a good design that makes it easy to get hold of hair. It is angled and flat which makes it easy to get even in the smallest and thinnest hairs.

When you grasp the tweezers around the hair, you quickly snap with the tweezers in the hair direction. In order to pick the eyebrows right, it is important not to have to hurry. Take one straw at a time and look at the shape of the mirror. If you get the feeling and start picking up without checking the result in the mirror in the meantime, the risk is that you will remove too many hairs. This is especially true of you as a guy who pinches the eyebrows, there is a risk that it will look strange if you remove too many hairs from the eyebrows.

If you instead have many unwanted straws that should go, an eyebrow wax is a smooth approach. Growing the eyebrows at home is not as difficult as it may sound. Personally, I think it’s the best way to get rid of the hairs, as it goes fastest. Even when I have to fix my eyebrows on my boyfriend, he thinks it is best when I use wax for the eyebrows. Revitale’s Wax Strips are adapted for both sensitive and normal skin and they contain organic green tea and mint which provides a soothing effect on the skin. I usually cut my wax strips with a pair of scissors so they fit the place I want to grow on. When you put the strip on the hair, you quickly pull off the strip in the opposite direction as the hair grows. It hurts for a second, then the pain is over, so it does not at all as bad as you can believe and it is clearly worth it.

Do you feel that no, I do not want to pick or wax the eyebrows, then there is a short cut to take. It is spelled eyebrow knife. It’s like a little razor sitting on a handle. The blade is not as sharp as a razor blade, but it is enough for it to shave off the eyebrows, or in our case shave off unwanted hairs to get a nice shape on the eyebrows. Perfect if you have bushy eyebrows that you want to control and it gives a better and smoother result than if you cut your eyebrows, which guys often do. Basics Tinkle Facial Razor comes in three packs and works easily for the purpose. I sometimes use my brow knives to look away a little on my shaggy jaw legs, then the makeup feels smoother and I get rid of my unwanted hair growth in the face.Now you have fixed a nice shape on the eyebrows and if you are satisfied with your natural eyebrow color and browning density you do not need to fill in the eyebrows slightly.

However, an eyebrow mask can be worth testing. A brow mask allows your eyebrows to stay in place and keeps the shape throughout the day. At Luxplus there are many kinds of eyebrow mascara to choose from from several brands but I have tested MegaClear Brow & Lash Mascara from Wet n Wild that gets the job done. In addition, it can be used for the eyelashes if you want a natural look with separated eyelashes. This is also good to use if you have long straws in the eyebrows that are not in place.

An eyebrow pen is a smooth product to use to cheat the perfect eyebrows if you are not satisfied with the color and density of your natural brows. Either you can choose to fill the entire eyebrow with the aid of the pen, this is a method that does not require any longer work. If you want to fill your eyebrows naturally, you can instead paint thin small lines in the direction of the brown line. This makes it look like you have more and denser straws in the brow.

Which pen you choose plays less role, it is more important that you find the right color. I have tested a couple of different, including Color Icon Brow Pencil Brunettes Do It Better from Wet n Wild. It also has a small eyebrow brush at one end of the pen that you can use to comb through the brows before or after using the pen to get rid of bumpy hairs or to soften the pen and get a more natural result.

Brow Satin Duo Pencil Medium Brown from Maybelline is another eyebrow pen in a slightly softer texture. At one end of the pen is the color that you can easily fill in the brows using its soft tip. At the other end is a foam rubber applicator that you can blend in to get a softer and more natural brow. The color is also available in Dark Blond which is better suited to bright-haired people.

Another product that is also easy to use is eyebrow shadow. They work much like an eye shadow and are easy to apply and fill in the eyebrows naturally. I have tested the W7 Eye Brow Kit and this is a dry eyebrow shadow that contains 4 different colors. Just to find the right color for the eyebrows can be difficult, sometimes you want a natural color on the eyebrows and on festive occasions a darker color feels more appropriate. Then this eyebrow palette is perfect.

To this set of eyebrow shadow, it also comes with an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow brush. Also included are three templates for eyebrows, these are perfect when you want to cheat on you beautiful eyebrows. The eyebrow template, or eyebrow stencil that some call them, is easy to clean with a little water after use. Just put the template in the place you want your brow and fill in with the eyebrow shadow.

I myself have always been a big fan of eyebrow pens and eyebrow shadows when I make up for myself or one of my clients, but now I have got my eyes on eyebrow gel. I have tested Lock On Liner & Brow Cream Medium Brown from elf and Luxe Power Brow Sculpting Gel Dark Brow from MUA Makeup Academy and I liked them both very much. The latter has a flexible package when the brush is in the cork of the product. The texture is pleasant to work with, but it is important that you are light on hand when painting, as otherwise it may result in a couple of very marked eyebrows. It has good durability and the gel dries quickly on the skin without scratching.

The elf eyebrow gel also has a lovely creamy texture, which you can also use as both eyeliner and eye shadow. Apply it with an eyebrow brush (you can read these brushes in my makeup brush guide) and paint small, thin lines that illustrate the brows.

Regardless of which product you choose to make your eyebrows, it is important to consider what color you choose. Usually, it is said that one should choose a brow color that is about 2 shades lighter than the hair color. If you choose too dark a color, the result is often that you look a little angry or determined. Of course, the color choice is a matter of taste and there are blondes wearing a pair of dark brown eyebrows, while a dark-haired person can fit perfectly into a pair of blond eyebrows. But it is about testing yourself and if you are unsure of the color choice, you can start from the tip above to choose any shade lighter than the hair color.

I think a couple of stylish eyebrows are very important in order to make a nice makeup. Unfortunately, I have very sparse eyebrows and need to work with them a part in the morning twig to get them nice. To some extent, it is my genes that have caused me to have sparses in the brows and to some extent it is because in my youth I have broken my brows, which means that my eyebrows do not grow out as I wish they would.

But how do you get the eyebrows to grow out again, is it even possible? Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost Primer & Conditioner is one of the products on the market that is launched to help thin sparse brows on the road. Since launch, it is said that thousands of customers feel that the product has had the effect of denser eyebrows. When you clean your face in the evening, add plenty of Brow Boost & Conditioner to your eyebrows. In the morning when you wake up, wash the product again. After 30 days, most people start to see the difference. In addition, it can be used as a primer under the eyebrows during the day. Another example of a product that is said to give thicker eyebrows and make the hair grow is M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum.

I hope that you have found the products you need and that with these you can create the perfect eyebrows. Please comment below if you have any questions.