How to Wake Up Energized in the Morning

Ways to wake up energized in the morning are as follows:

1. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Lack of sunlight, staying indoors for a long time will make people feel tired. Studies have shown that sunlight can stimulate chemicals in the brain to achieve the effect of happy mood. As a way to boost your spirits, you should go out of the door. It is best to open the windows every morning or go outside to feel the sun. It will make you feel energetic all morning!

2. Go out and walk around. Studies have shown that a walk of about ten minutes will relieve people’s tension and feel full of energy. Whether it is when you are experiencing difficulties at work, or when you are a little sleepy, go for a walk and take a breath of fresh air. You will feel a lot more comfortable and may bring new ideas!

3. Do things with energy. You can walk vigorously and talk vigorously, so that you will really feel energetic and full of energy.

4. Listen to the exciting songs you like. Listening to some stimulating songs, you will often feel refreshed immediately. Remember to choose the right song, sad or drowsy songs will only be counterproductive. I believe that the effect of this method is often unexpected.

Go to bed early,

No tea and coffee

If you wake up tired or think you should get up earlier and feel clearer in the morning, try these 11 measures.

People who get up early easily (“larks”), who even enjoy it, live more in rhythm with natural rhythms. Those with nocturnal habits (“owls”) are at greater risk of suffering from fatigue, sleep disturbances and other disorders related to a dysregulation of biological rhythms.

Although the tendency to be owl can have a genetic explanation, the habits related to the lifestyle are often the main responsible for delaying the time to go to sleep and waking up rested. But everything can be arranged.

Learn to get up early and wake up full of energy

1. Gradually change your bedtime

If you wake up tired and confused, it is very likely that you have not had enough sleep. An adult person needs 6 to 9 hours of sleep.

Don’t go to bed when you don’t know what to do anymore. Set your bedtime and alarm clock. Each day, delay the two hours by 15 minutes or adjust them so that you sleep long enough, depending on the time you want to wake up.

2. Relax in the evenings

It is difficult to fall asleep if you are not calm, so try to relax throughout the afternoon to allow your body to naturally begin its natural sleep process.

Turn off bright, light-colored highlights so as not to inhibit the secretion of the hormone melatonin. Also avoid screens from an hour before you want to start sleeping.

3. Prepare the room for a good sleep

The quality of your sleep is crucial to feeling rested in the morning. To do this, try to make the bedroom meet all the conditions.

The room should be cozy, it should not have any type of lighting at night, or any source of noise. Of course, turn off the mobile.

4. Plan a good awakening

To wake up, if possible, use a lamp that simulates sunrise to gently get out of sleep. When it sounds – with a pleasant sound – do not turn it off to enjoy 15 more minutes with your eyes closed, because you will wake up more tired than if you stood up immediately.

In addition to the alarm lamp, you can try this trick: wake up to two alarms. The first should sound 90 minutes before the second. Thus, after the first one rings, you can enjoy a whole cycle of sleep and wake up very clear.

6. Expose yourself to light

If at night light is an enemy of sleep, in the morning it is in charge of cutting off the secretion of the hormone melatonin and starting alertness.

Open all the blinds and curtains. You can even go outside for a walk before breakfast, if you do it at home.

7. Have a glass of water instead of coffee

Your body has become a bit dehydrated throughout the night, especially if you haven’t had enough to drink before bed. And 1% dehydration implies fatigue.

So the first thing you should do in the morning is have a glass of water. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to take advantage of the vitamin, antibiotic and cleansing properties of this citrus.

If you like coffee or tea, wait until mid-morning. When we wake up, the levels of cortisol (the activity hormone) naturally increase. A cup of coffee can get you too agitated at this point.

8. Exercise in the morning

If you can, don’t put off your exercise session for the afternoon. Physical activity in the morning is especially suitable for people who are trying to stop being owls and become larks. It doesn’t have to be very intense.

It can be a series of yoga (like the sun salutation) that will help you activate the muscles and release some endorphins. If you can add a bit of running, jumping or swimming later, all the better.

9. Eat a healthy breakfast

Although currently most nutritionists give us the freedom to organize the day’s intakes freely, provided that in the end we obtain the necessary calories and nutrients, a breakfast that includes whole wheat bread, nuts and seeds provides a dose of energy that you body will appreciate.

10. Confront the causes of stress

One of the reasons it can be hard to get going in the morning is the fear of your to-do list. There are ways to make everyday duties less intimidating.

For example, you can meditate in the morning and view your goals for the day with a constructive spirit. It takes two minutes to improve mood and clarity of thought that will last throughout the day.

Once your priorities are clear, tackle the task that causes you the most stress first rather than dragging it through the day. Once done, you will feel relieved and more prepared to start.

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