Huge Gold Vein Discovered in Turkey

Billions of dollars worth of gold reserves have reportedly been discovered in Turkey. The find is also interesting because Turkey is apparently preparing for the introduction of a global gold standard.

The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey General Manager and Gubretas Chairman Fahrettin Poyraz, stating that detected the 3.5 million ounce gold resource, “When we try to put forward through today’s prices, we are talking about a value of approximately $ 6 billion.” said.

Poyraz explained that the site was given to Koza Gold company to be operated in 2008, but Gübretaş filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the contract after the company did not fulfill its obligations, and that the aforementioned lawsuits were concluded in December 2019, including the appeal stages, and that the field  handed over to Gübretaş in all its rights. He said it was decided.

“As soon as the court stages were completed, we entered into a dialogue with the SDIF and Koza and completed the entire transfer process related to the mine site. There have been drilling activities related to the mine field from past to present to determine the value of the gold asset. Drilling work continued partially while the courts were continuing. Technical documents and data related to drilling. We took over from Koza for a price. We started updating the report regarding the information we took over with an internationally accredited company.”

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