Im Carrey: “I Belong to A Mistreated Species”

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. ‘ So wrote Katharine Hepburn in Me: Stories of My Life.

There is autobiography and autobiography. That of the Canadian actor, written jointly with Dana Vachon (journalist and, as a former financial investor, author of the book Mergers & Acquisitions in which he recounts that terrible world),  It is not easy to remain faithful to a style even when the subject on which to pour commiseration, resentment and then balm on the wounds inflicted is the same one who looks at us from the mirror in the morning.

And considering that the lies are already in the title (better, “misinformation”, or the art of providing false or inaccurate information, especially those intentionally intended to mislead) it is very likely that what the book tells is all true.

Autobiography is a point of arrival in the path of a public person. There are those who print more than one in the course of a career. To update, of course, if longevity dictates it (Anjelica Huston wrote two just one year later, the first to tear her father to pieces, the second Jack Nicholson). Others burn the times, Drew Barrymore wrote about him at 15, but he had already lived a lot: he called it Little Girl Lost. Still others spend more energy on the construction of the myth than on the scaffolding of the book, such as Matthew McConaughey who, close to launching into politics, wanted to let the world know that in order to write his memoir Greenlights, he would have exiled himself in the desert for 52 years. days. And by candlelight. More than a literary award, the actor of True Detective and Interstellar is aiming for a career as an anchorite.

Jim Carrey on the other hand does not use even an ounce of energy because we believe that he is “one of us”. He talks about himself in the third person and does not drag us into his story, rather he keeps us on the sidelines. No one who knows even the slightest bit about Jim Carrey’s history and career would want to feel part of a club that counts him among his members. And nobody wants to be inside Jim Carrey’s head, probably not even him.

Too talented not to suffer from it. Too much character not to inevitably carry Jim Carrey like a heavy burden in each of the things he does: the role of a movie, (the shadow of) himself in a documentary like Jim & Andy, an interview, even the catwalk on a red carpet. Like the one hardly traveled a few years ago (the evening was dedicated to fashion shows and a famous fashion magazine) in which, to the unfortunate’s questions, she answered not telegraphically as is done in these cases and worrying not to say absolutely anything, but with something to half between the pamphlet and the confession. “All this is completely meaningless, I was looking for something that was completely meaningless and here I am … I don’t even think she exists.” A look into the room of the incredulous reporter: “But Jim, you are an icon and tonight you are very well dressed”. Answer: “It’s not me. They are just clusters of tetrahedra that swirl next to each other … We don’t count for anything, absolutely nothing: and this is good news “.

The video of the vent on YouTube, from 2017 to today, has been seen by a scant six million. There is an audience for Jim Carrey. And not only when he delivers The Truman Show to the world, the film we have been thinking about automatically for 25 years whenever our reality seems too much like bad television. O If you leave me I will cancel you, the only truly shrewd choice for the visions of Valentine’s Day (but also on other days of the year).

Jim Carrey didn’t just make masterpieces, quite the contrary. But for him an audience is right to be there even when he collects failures like Love at first sight – The magician of the scam, the film that brought him to the edge of the artistic and emotional disaster. Or when, to get back into the business, he shot the shotgun A Christmas Carol, another misstep, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins.