In the “Cortege” Putin will Appear in A Cabriolet

The  “Cortege”, uniting cars for the President Putin , will be replenished with a cabriolet. This was told by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, who is quoted by RIA Novosti.

An Aurus Senat sedan during a presentaiton at the Moscow International Automobile Salon. Sputnik

At the parade in honor of the Victory Day in 2020, Russians will first see the cabriolet project “Cortege.” Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, told journalists about it. Now the specialists are preparing for the serial production of the line of the newest Russian cars, RIA Novosti reported. Next year, more than a hundred copies of Aurus will come off the assembly line.

“As for the volumes of next year’s deliveries, taking into account the fact that we have to fulfill the volume for the main customer, and this is more than 50 cars, taking into account more than a hundred applications, which I think we can fulfill, the total amount next year for the whole range project will be no more than 120 cars, “the minister specified.

Manturov also told about the difference between our limousine and the car on which Donald Trump is moving. According to the minister, the Russian novelty is serial production. While the Cadillac of the US president was made on special order.

Manturov also noted the advantages of the limousine family Aurus (the brand of the project “Cortege”) and its advantages over the Cadillac One, which is visited by the President of the United States Donald Trump. “Do you know the fundamental difference between our Aurus and the American Cadillac? The US is not a serial car, it is made on the basis of a heavy platform, and we have a serial car. That is, we initially made the project as a serial armored car, “the official said, adding that the serial production allows making the car more aesthetic.

At the moment, the project “Cortege” includes three models: a limousine, first demonstrated at the inauguration of the President on May 7, a sedan “Senate” and a minibus “Arsenal”. Earlier it was announced the development of a motorcycle and a crossover.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder