Putin Grandfather was a Cook for Lenin and Stalin

Vladimir Putin is a “mysterious figure” of his 16-year career as an intelligence officer. This is not true. Everything in his past and present is clear, except for his two daughters and only a few that are not completely unknown, to the point of recognizing him. “Online” for those looking for in Internet browsing sites, which is easy in different languages.

Some unknown to many, known only to the few about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who on Monday celebrated his 67th birthday in the city of Leningrad, which changed its name in 1991 to Saint Petersburg after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is the most knowledgeable in foreign languages ​​among presidents in the world. At least seven of them, and it is difficult to find another president he knows like him, and in the video below, we hear him deliver improvised words on several occasions and in different languages, including German and French, and then the clip ends with a Putin playing an English song.

Putin, who is visiting Saudi Arabia this Monday and leaves Tuesday to visit the UAE, graduated in 1975 at the Leningrad University of Law, and is fluent in German as the Germans, because he worked in their country for the KGB intelligence service for years of his youth, and we find in what I read “Arabic. In 2013, he held a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when she paid an official visit to Russia. She spoke German in Russian and then acted as the translator of what they said together. He was impressed by the translation of the journalists and the German delegation. .

Putin also speaks English, as well as Polish and Ukrainian. “They noticed in Armenia when he visited them that he understood their language and he knew a lot of it, so they say in Russia,” Be careful not to say something in your language to Putin, he might know what she says. About the man who once married his life: the marriage in 1983 to the Russian Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, who divorced in 2014 after having two daughters, is difficult to find full information about them, but the grand pediatrician named Maria Vorontsova 34 years old, and the second dancer Acro and runs a scientific institute Subordinate to the University of Moscow, her name is Katerina Tikhonova and younger than Her sister a year and 4 months.

His brother killed him “diphtheria” and his grandfather was a cook for Lenin and Stalin
On the Internet about Putin what he himself said in a two-hour documentary video, which aired on March 11 last year, and talked about his parents, the late Maria in 1998 and the late Vladimir a year later. He also spoke of two brothers, who read “Arab.Net” in his biography, that they were born in the thirties of the last century: Albert, who died a child, and Viktor, who died of the disease “diphtheria,” the deadly respiratory system, and died during the siege of the Nazi army of the city of Leningrad, World War II. In the field only Putin alone his parents always.

Putin and his two daughters, and his parents, then his grandfather, who was a cook for two months Soviet leaders
In the family of the Russian president is noteworthy, his grandfather to his father .. It was named Spiridon Putin and worked as a cook for Lenin and then Stalin, and continued to cook for the famous Soviet state until shortly before his death in 1965 at the age of 86 years. However, his grandson, who practiced even after reaching the first position in Russia for more than 10 sports and similar activities, such as playing chess, playing piano, hunting by land, air and sea, says in the documentary that he is proud of him, and considers him distinctive and medal for the family.

In the film, Putin also talked about his childhood, and how he lived with his parents in a one-room “apartment” on the fourth floor of a building without a lift and is still in St. Petersburg, and came to the biography of that apartment a year before the film “Daily Mirror” British report that said His family had to share the bathroom with other families, and the walls of the cardboard separated the family rooms. As he used to chase and catch rodents after they swept through the neighborhood where he grew up to kill her, his childhood was greatly miserable and worse.

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Vladimir Putin is a "mysterious figure" of his 16-year career as an intelligence officer.

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