With the fashion trend and the dramatic changes in the market, how to better connect the millennial generation has become the most important challenge facing fashion brands, especially the shoe industry.

From hateful high to thick-soled platform shoes, to small white shoes and old-fashioned shoes, like young clothes, young consumers have begun to “dress up” in terms of footwear selection in the past two years. The focus of this group is gradually turning to the trend. With a shift in comfort , the global footwear market is facing a new turning point.

According to the British Independent, First Direct, after investigating two thousand employees, found that only one in ten employees said they would wear formal attire at work. Among them, 70% of respondents said they would feel more comfortable wearing casual clothes. CNBC also said that sneakers have replaced high heels as the first choice for American women to buy shoes.

According to statistics, in 2017, US sports shoes sales increased by 37%, about 2.3 billion US dollars, while sales of high-heeled shoes fell 12% during the period. Market research company Edited pointed out that the US high-heeled stocks increased by 28% last year, and large-scale unsalable sales are widespread.

Affected by this, Nine West, the shoe brand that was once the most popular among Chinese white-collar workers, was forced to withdraw from the Chinese market. Its parent company, Nine West, filed for bankruptcy several times. Belle, known as the “first-generation shoe king”, was in Hong Kong last April. After delisting, Daphne closed 1009 points of sale last year.

However, everything has two sides. The “survival of the fittest” is the market standard. Some analysts believe that this trend is a good time for the Danish brand ECCO, which proposes the concept of “shoes must follow the two feet”, but accelerates the penetration of the young people market.

After careful preparation, ECCO held a 2019New Bloodcombs Brand Spokesperson Conference at Shanghai Yuyuan Department Store today, and officially announced its promotion of product fashion through a new celebrity endorsement combination and product design. determination areas, while consolidating their leading position in the industry.

On the day of the event, the elegant ambassador Liu Tao, the innovation ambassador Huang Jingyu and the style ambassador Xin Yulei spoke together through Weibo, and the official announcement became the ECCO brand ambassador. ECCO also specially shot static blockbusters and dynamic video as materials, released through different channels, and for the first time cooperated with iQiyi IP implants, trying to present more dimensional brand image in front of young consumers.


Maggie Dong, general manager of ECCO Greater China, said in an interview with fashion headline. In the past, consumers thought that the first impression of ECCO always stayed in the comfortable and simple Nordic style, and this year the brand hopes to break the ceiling, according to different series of products. The focus and logo, combined with the characteristics of the three spokespersons and ECCO, allow consumers to remember the three new latitudes of ECCO’s “elegance, style and innovation”.


Dong Jiangbai graduated from the University of Birmingham in the UK and has been working with the brand for 20 years in the Chinese market. Under the leadership of Dong Jiangbai, ECCO has now opened 1,100 stores in China, and has been expanding at an annual rate of 60 stores. It is also known as the most stable brand in the footwear industry in recent years.


Looking back at ECCO’s nearly 55-year history of growth, the DNA of “breaking tradition” was rooted in its brand culture early on, and it was one of the reasons why ECCO was first born.

The first pair of ECCO shoes was born in 1963, Danish shoemaker Karl Toosbuy hopes to pursue new ideas and create more possibilities in the field of shoemaking, sold all the properties and resigned from work in Copenhagen, moved to the south of Denmark with his family. The town of Brezebro, and opened a shoe factory. At that time, most of the footwear products focused on the style, while ignoring the comfort of wearing.


In order to distinguish it from the popular footwear, Karl Toosbuy‘s goal at the beginning was to make the best shoes in the world and put forward the idea that “everything starts from the feet”. To this end, Karl Toosbuy spent a lot of time delving into how each foot works, including how to react, how to absorb impacts, and even analyze 26 bones and 107 ligaments per foot.

However, ECCO was not originally called ECCO, but was named Venus. Later, due to copyright conflicts, Karl Toosbuy and chief designer Ejnar Truelsen decided to find a new name for the brand, requiring the new name to consist of two syllables, be it Denmark. The language is still easy to pronounce in other languages. In 1978 the brand decided to change its name to “ECCO”.


ECCO has its own tannery and expanded overseas in 1975 to open a factory in Brazil, becoming the first Danish company to produce overseas. Its tannery not only supplies raw materials for branded products, but is also a supplier of high quality leather materials for major car seats, aircraft seats, gloves and footwear worldwide.

To ensure product quality, ECCO will look for the best materials on a global scale and combine craftsmanship with technology instruments. It is reported that each pair of ECCO shoes will pass about 210 hands, and each link has strict quality inspection.

Although in the 1960s and early 1970s, the global geopolitical turmoil indirectly led to the rapid changes in fashion trends, today’s popular mini skirt tight boots, the next day will suddenly become patent leather flat shoes, followed by thick-soled shoes began to lead the trend, but ECCO has always chosen to adhere to its own pace of development, with high quality and comfort conquered a single consumer.

At the same time, ECCO is one of the few companies in the world that fully realizes the vertical integration of resources. All of its products are developed and designed by the Danish headquarters team, and are integrated in the ECCO factory integrating advanced technology and high quality supervision. The production has been completed, and the product range now covers men’s and women’s shoes, casual dresses, outdoor, sports, golf and children. It also produces handbag accessories, small leather goods and shoe care products.


With the enthusiasm and passion for making shoes, ECCO has been constantly improving, growing and breaking through itself since its inception. In 2004, Karl Toosbuy passed away and ECCO continued to operate by his daughter Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak.


| | Can comfort and fashion have both?


If the brand upgrade in the thrilling fashion retail industry is due to the new market environment, the trend-setting is always the one who dares to take the first step. Young consumers don’t just love one thing, brands shouldn’t put eggs in one basket.


Recognizing this, ECCO has been trying to change the stereotype that consumers can’t be comfortable and fashionable. On the basis of ensuring comfort and high quality, we strive to improve the design and fashion of our products to enhance our competitiveness. The theme of the new strategy is also defined as “a new wave of blood.”


According to Dong Jiangbai, in the ECCO 2019 Spring/Summer collection, the designers divided the brand products into three different latitudes, including the SHAPE series for urban commuting, and the street SOFT 8 series with youthful vitality, as well as comfort and functionality. The outdoor rhythm OMINI VENT series is designed to cover the needs of a new generation of consumers with diverse scenes and to achieve matrix upgrades.