Investment for Design in the Area of Medical

The Cova da Beira University Hospital Center (CHUCB) is implementing a project in the area of ​​digital medical image, which implies an investment of more than 900 thousand euros (M €).

According to CHUCB, the project is supported by € 784,510 for EU funds and € 138,442 by national public funds, under the System for Support of Modernization and Training of Public Administration, SAMA2020.

With the designation eSG3ID – Integrated Image Management and Digital Interoperability Ecosystem, this project consists of the implementation of three technological solutions that operate among each other, namely a system of communication and archiving of medical images, a direct acquisition digital radiology system and a wireless network system with real-time location.

These solutions will be integrated with the Health Data Platform and will enable improved storage security, faster and easier access to medical image archiving (exams) by health professionals, shortening response times in care to be provided and improve the quality of diagnosis, subjecting users to lower levels of radiation, explains CHUCB.

“This bet will also allow the creation of a medical imaging observatory that leverages clinical practice, research and medical education,” the hospital’s center said.

CHUCB integrates the hospitals of Covilhã and Fundão, in the district of Castelo Branco.