Is the New Hero Silas

In the fan cognition of all League of Legends LOL, the largest of the entire Summoner’s Canyon is the big bug Cocos? If you add Lulu’s big move, its size will be even bigger, followed by a big move to cooperate with Lulu’s sword.

However, this “biggest” remark will be broken. Recently, with the announcement of the new hero Silas, this hero has also been more revealed to everyone. It is known that it can steal other people’s big moves, but in fact he can steal the volume of others.

Recently, a tubing blogger named Vandiril tested and exposed such a video about the new hero’s test of stealing other heroes.

At the beginning of the test, Silas first pulled the big bug with a big move, and made himself as big as the big bug and the dragon.

Immediately afterwards, when Silas had a volume basis, the test came to the middle stage and called some other heroes, swordsmen, trolls, dragon girls, and dog heads.

The dog’s head took the lead in making a big move, and then Silas pulled the dog’s head again and made his size go up again.

Then faced with the siege of the crowd, Silas triggered the blood volume to become larger, and then actively opened the gargoyle plate, followed by Lulu’s big move. At this time, the portrait volume of Silas has been maximized.

The test is not over yet. At this time, the big move has cooled down. The opposite dragon girl has opened a big move. Silas has taken another big move of the dragon girl, with the bloody hands after the cooling, the gargoyle plate, and Lulu. The result is that after the transformation, it looks bigger than before, and it has more visual impact. This little dragon pool can no longer hold his figure.

This is a moment for the Dragon Girl. Is it too domineering? This is such a large size, the biggest problem in winning the League of Legends?

However, this is only a test. It is basically impossible to achieve such a large volume in actual combat. The opponent will not give this opportunity. I am looking forward to the official update of the performance of the national costume.