İstanbul Tour Guide ‘heard a strange sound and shouted “run”‘

hhhhThe guide of a group of German tourists who were targeted by a suicide bomber in İstanbul said she heard the moment the attacker released his explosive charge and then shouted ‘run!’ to her clients, a report said Wednesday.

A suicide bomber of Syrian origin blew himself up in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet district on Tuesday morning, killing 10 tourists, most of them Germans, in an attack blamed on Islamic State (IS) jihadists.

Turkish tour guide Sibel Satiroğlu told the police she saw the moment the bomber detonated himself after blending into a group of 33 German citizens visiting the Obelisk of Theodosius, one of the city’s most eye-catching sites.

“I heard a ‘click’ sound while I was telling the group about the obelisk. I thought it (the sound) was strange and looked around,” she said.
“Among the group was a young bearded man who looked like a Turkish. He had a innocent face and was wearing modern clothes.

“I saw the young man pull the pin and I shouted ‘Run!’ in German. Then we started to run away, and the bomb instantly exploded.”
Another 15 people were wounded, at least nine of them from Germany.

Satiroğlu herself was injured in the leg and suffered temporary hearing loss.