Japanese Stocks Nikkei Index Ended its 2nd Consecutive Decline And Rose 0.5%…

Because the U.S. stock market rose yesterday (24th), and today was the final trading day to participate in the ex-dividend at the end of September, banks/investors entered the market to buy stocks in order to obtain dividend rights, which led to the Nikkei 225 index to stop falling and rising on the 25th. In the end, it rose 0.51% or 116.80 points to close at 23,204.62 points, ending the two-day decline.

The Topix Index (TOPIX) rose 0.48% (up 7.79 points) to close at 1,634.23 points, the first gain in 3 trading days. The number of companies on the First Section of the East Stock Exchange was 1,621, 471 companies were down, and 83 companies remained flat. Today’s turnover of the First Section of the East Stock Exchange was 2,370.8 billion yen, which was the 12th consecutive trading day above the 2 trillion yen mark, which shows the active boundary of buying gas.

In terms of the performance of stocks, 26 of the 33 stocks of the First Section of the Top Securities rose, among which stocks in the warehouse/transportation industry saw the biggest gains, followed by glass earth and stone products, transportation machinery and mining.

The Japanese stock market on the 25th  the U.S. dollar depreciated against the yen (ie the yen appreciated) 0.05% to 105.33; the dollar depreciated 0.01% against the yen on the 24th, 4 transactions For the first time in Japan.

Sony fell 0.67%. Fighting with PS5, Microsoft’s new Xbox will cut its price before it goes on sale. The price of the Japanese low-priced model has been cut by 10%, which is 10,000 yen cheaper than the low-priced PS5.

Nintendo fell 0.34%, and rose 0.8% during the session. With the support of “Mario”, Switch sales in Japan increased by 30% last week, and weekly sales exceeded the 100,000 mark for the first time in five weeks.

Hirose rose 3.22% to close at 13,770 yen, a record high for the close in the past eight months (since February 7). The demand for connectors for automobiles and smart phones has been responded early, and Hirose has revised its financial forecast for the first half of this year.


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