Telemedicine Business Opportunities

Telemedicine and care have become a development trend in many countries, and the field of telemedicine applications is becoming wider and wider. It can not only overcome geographical barriers, but also become a way to improve care efficiency. Important tools, as long as they combine information and communication technology with medical professional services, ranging from medical equipment to digital bracelets, can be collectively referred to as digital medical products. They are all telemedicine solutions, not just what everyone knew in the past. Limited to special environments with medical inconvenience.

The age of the global aging society is gradually approaching. According to Euromonitor’s estimates, there will be 1.3 billion people over 65 years old in the world in 2040, equivalent to 14% of the global population in 2040. In addition to the rapid increase in the number of senior citizens, the consumption power of senior citizens will also increase. Continuous improvement. Although it is expected that Europe and North America will still be the regions with the highest income for the elderly in the world in 2040, the average gross income of the elderly in the Asia-Pacific region will increase the most in the next 20 years, reaching 97%, which means that Asia’s aging business opportunities The potential cannot be ignored, and with the blessing of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the demand for telemedicine is growing rapidly. The Nikkei reported that since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of inquiries about online care in Japan has increased 15 times.

The Bain & Company report pointed out that the number of daily active users of Singapore’s telemedicine platform MyDoc increased in the first quarter. Although South Korea still prohibits telemedicine, it temporarily approved online consultations for ordinary patients during the peak of the epidemic. The social isolation measures triggered by the epidemic are rapidly increasing the penetration rate of telemedicine, but according to the survey, even if the epidemic is controlled in the future, the growth trend of telemedicine will continue.

Due to the rapid and vigorous development of the telemedicine industry, the continuous influx of global venture capital investment has accelerated the launch of more digital medical innovation products, which has driven the rapid growth of the market in recent years. It is expected that the market size will reach 234.5 billion US dollars in 2023, with an average annual growth rate. More than 10%, the strong growth momentum is expected to continue.

Listed cabinet companies have identified the business opportunities for the rapid growth of telemedicine many years ago, and have entered the field of telemedicine from various industry elites. At present, most of them have entered the harvest period, and the revenue and profit of related companies are both There are positive benefits. Among them, the security industry has turned around due to business opportunities in medical care.



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