Kate Moss’ Sister Sells Erotic Pictures Online

Lottie Moss, the 23-year-old of the iconic supermodel, has found herself at the heart of a scandal: it turns out that she sells erotic pictures of herself on an adult online site. The modeling agency where she is signed is fighting to “save her from herself,” but she does not appear to be seeking help.

Lately the Moss family has had many reasons for pride. Laila Grace, the youngest daughter of iconic top model Kate Moss, is making a name for herself in the field with impressive performances on runways and photos for reputable brands. But the feelings of happiness and family pride are overshadowed by one rather serious affair, which casts a shadow over all the reasons for rejoicing. Lottie Moss, Kate’s little sister, Laila’s aunt and a model with huge potential, as befits the family’s gardens, sells her erotic pictures and videos online.


Lottie (Charlotte) Moss, 23, is Kate’s half-sister from her father’s second marriage, Peter Moss. She has been working as a model since the age of 16 when she initially rode a bit on her big sister’s wave of success, but that did not stop her from providing receipts in her own right. London’s Storm Models agency, Kate Moss‘ parent agency, signed Lottie on her 16th birthday and arranged for her to debut in Dazed & Confused magazine and then in Teen Vogue. Since then she has won work with big names, walked the runways and posed for leading designers like Calvin Klein, Valentino and Sonia Rikel. Many marked her then as a potential heiress, but it seems that lately Lottie has just before ruining her career for herself despite intervention by the agency.


It was recently revealed that provocative photos of Lottie are being sold by her online, on an adult-only site called Glow that requires a monthly subscription fee and provides access to erotic photos and sexy videos. However, those who want to see photos of the top model’s half-sister are required to pay more. According to reports, the site offers nude and topless videos of her for a price of about a thousand pounds, along with pictures for a minor price of only three pounds. In her reference to the case in a conversation with SUN magazine she said that “I got a lot of bad reactions. A lot of my family members are not happy, but I’m here in Los Angeles living my life and I feel happier than ever. I just need to feel good about myself, because if you Don’t love yourself – no one will love you. ”

The modeling agency where she is signed is working frantically to stop the sale and uploading of the photos and, according to sources, “save Lottie from herself.” According to reports, some of Lottie‘s family members are already worried that she has ruined her career with the move. “These images will not only affect her future as a model, but also as a woman in general. What if one day she looks for another job? Her mental health needs to be protected,” a source close to the story told the Daily Mail. Another source said: “‘Storm’ is very protective of the lovely Lottie. They hope this stage will pass.”

Other sources familiar with the details of the affair said that fortunately for Lottie, times had changed. In the past, agencies like Storm Models, which have a prestigious reputation, would not try to download the photos or act to keep Lottie from posting photos of herself. If such a case had happened in the past – it is likely that the agency would have simply shunned the model. Today, however, the company is already aware of the consequences and is working to protect its models. “Lottie is still beautiful and far from ending her career, but she must stop selling herself like that. She has lost her way,” the source said.b

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