Puma Focuses on Female Runners And Introduces Nitro Technology

The Herzogenaurach-based sports goods company Puma presented its new nitro foam technology on Thursday, which is used for the first time in five women‘s running shoes.

Nitro technology for “effortless running”
This technology is designed to enable runners to run effortlessly. The sports brand conducted research with the University of Massachusetts and the University of Chemnitz to develop this technology. This results in five models for runners: Deviate (160 euros), Deviate Elite (200 euros), Velocity (120 euros), Liberate (110 euros) and Eternity (140 euros), all of which are equipped with nitro.

The name Nitro does not come from nitroglycerin and is supposed to stand for the speed of runners, but is derived from the English word “nitrogen” for nitrogen. The nitrogen forms the basic material from which the midsole of the models is formed. Nitro is said to improve responsiveness and cushioning. It should also make the shoe lighter.

Puma focuses on female runners and introduces nitro technology

With Puma Running, our goal is to enable runners to run effortlessly,” said Erin Longin, global director of the Running and Training business unit at Puma. “Our new running shoes are equipped with our most innovative technologies, such as nitro-foam, which makes the shoes extremely light and responsive, so you can use less energy and run comfortably to achieve your goals.”

In addition to research, Puma also engaged with its customers to find out what they expect from a shoe: “The more we researched our customers, the more we found that the idea of ​​change resonated with runners,” said Longin. “Runners are always looking for change to improve themselves and the common good, so we landed on the concept of ‘Spark Change’ to bring meaning and energy to everything we do in running.”

The five Nitor models will appear on March 4th at puma.com, in Puma stores and at selected retailers. Puma wants to expand its nitro technology and use it in future models.


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