Ukrainian Designer: “Fashion is My Weapon to Help My Country”

The first Russian bombings caught her in her hometown finishing the ‘Tierra’ collection. She took out what she could in a suitcase to present it at Macba, at her debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

Three million people have fled Ukraine since Putin started the war. And one of them is Kateryna Lanhe, or Kati, as everyone calls her in the box on the first floor of the Convent dels Àngels where this Thursday, at noon, she placed the dresses, coats and shirts next to the photos of the models who wore them. would put on two hours later, during the recording of the ‘fashion film’ with which it will debut at the beginning of April -from 5 to 8- at the 29th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week (the fourth already in digital format, and this time in the Macba). Kati was a bundle of nerves, anguish and emotion. The state in which she lives since on February 24 her entire house shook with the first Russian bombing of her hometown, Vinnitsa. There she finished the ‘Zemlia‘ (‘Earth‘) collection with which she will be presented for the first time on the fashion catwalk in the Catalan capital. But she could only get a few things in a suitcase. In the car in which she fled four days later from her country, some friends were also there. What I put on, a lot of fear and little else.