Kılıçdaroğlu:‘ AKP Wants to Break Ties With EU’

kemal-kilicdaroglu-chp-cumhuriyet-gazetesiDrawing attention to the fact that restrictions on freedom of expression, as well as other fundamental freedoms and rights, have a negative effect on Turkey-EU relations, Kılıçdaroğlu called on European leaders to be aware of the ruling party’s “real intentions.”

“The EU should not freeze negotiations with Turkey. On the contrary, it should even make concessions toward Turkey if necessary, because the purpose of the AKP is not to make Turkey a member of the EU, but to detach from it. This is very dangerous. It’s doing everything it can to break away from the EU, although it tries to appear as if it’s pro-EU. The EU does not accept pressure on the media, but the AKP imposes pressure on it. An independent judiciary and the principle of separation of powers are fundamental values of the EU but the government violates all of them. All the values that the EU cares about like democracy, freedom, and justice are being eliminated by the government,” he said.

The CHP leader also accused the Foreign Ministry and its officials of protecting the interests of the government at the expense of ignoring the interests of the state. “Instead of explaining Turkey, they are using the rhetoric of the government in their meetings with interlocutors. It’s very unfortunate that the bureaucracy of the Foreign Ministry has come to this point as well,” he said.