Kim had Insulted Courtney

Did Mommy always remind you that “even when many  love” in any argument with your brothers? Well, it seems that at this rate the excuse will stop working for the Cardiacans, who open each other at every opportunity. This time it’s Kim who got nervous about Courtney and said: ” She’s the least interesting to look at from us ”

A new season of Hardenness is at the door, and although it always feels as though we are accompanying this family at every turn, there are enough materials exposed only in the program itself, or just before, to promote it.

And what better than fighting juicy sisters to make a desire to watch? The last of the Cardiacans’ teaser includes a loud quarrel between Kim and Cortney. The background  Kim is organizing a family photo, and Cortney is less than happy with the schedule and wants bags to suit her needs instead of the other way around.

“If you had your own business, you would know what it was like to run a business, but you do not, so do not act like you have a clue,” Kim shouts at Courtney. What am I talking about?


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