Gal Gadot will Cover School Bags

The Wonder Woman will appear for the first time on school files in the form of Gal Gadot, instead of the characters from comic books. Come on, Superman and Spider-Man!

Given the international success of Gal Gadot, it was clear to us all that it was only a matter of time before the star would conquer this niche as well. The character of Wonder Woman will soon star in school files, not just in her illustrated figure as in the comic books (as with Superman and Spider-Man, for example), but in the character of Gal Gadot.

In this way, Gadot will become the only actress whose true face will appear on bags with the iconic heroine on her back, which she has played so far in three successful films, in the new Kravitz collection. This, for example, in contrast to the bags sold around the world with the symbol of “Wonder Woman”  but without the face of the Israeli actress.

These are just the last exciting news for Gadot, that every week that passes it seems that it continues to dominate more and more areas. Just recently a new international campaign for the Reebok brand was launched, and it was revealed that she would produce and star in a mini-TV series about the life of silent film star Hedy Lamar.

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