The Korea Exchange has reorganized its organization to revitalize the listing of innovative companies and decided to set up a way to differentiate the listing examination by industry type reflecting recent industry trends.

At the press conference, the 12-day KRX announced a key business plan for the KOSDAQ market headquarters,

Considering the fact that various industries such as bio, 4th industry and mobile game are entering KOSDAQ, the KSE is planning to conduct business listing review and listing management reflecting recent industry trends.

For example, when listing bio companies, evaluation methods that take into account the degree of clinical progress and the type of drug being developed are used as guidelines.

In addition, the industry with high volatility of sales will differentiate financial requirements such as management items and de-listing according to the characteristics of the industry, such as rational improvement of sales requirements.

In order to respond to KOSDAQ listed, managed and delisted companies, the KOSDAQ Market Headquarters will be divided into 6 departments, 1 room, 24 teams, 1 task force (TF) system, 7 departments, 26 teams, 2TF The government decided to expand the system. We will also set up a future strategy TF, which is responsible for mid- to long-term strategic tasks such as cultivating KOSDAQ-listed companies.

The TF plans to promote the KRX300 Index and globalization of KOSDAQ-listed companies.

Innovation and Growth Support Department, which integrates the Growth Enterprise Division and the listing office, will also be systematically implemented from initial funding to start-up consulting. In addition, a listing management department will be established to increase the number of companies that are listed in the list from one existing team to two, and corporate disclosure service training and other corporate support services will be unified.

In addition, as the exemption of the securities transaction tax on KOSDAQ arbitrage transactions in the first half of this year is enforced, it will strengthen investment promotion activities against pension funds.

KOSDAQ market chairman Gil Jae-wook said, “Foreigners and institutions accounted for only 5.5% of foreign traders, while foreigners and institutions accounted for 9.3% of KOSDAQ traders last year.” The ratio of foreigners and institutions is currently 14% I will. “

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The Korea ExchangeThe Korea Exchange has reorganized its organization to revitalize the listing of innovative companies

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