On the first day of August, the KOSPI / KOSDAQ index rose along with foreign buying.

The KOSPI recovered 2300 on the day before the announcement of high-level unlisted contacts related to the trade war. Celltrion’s patent infringement lawsuits also affected the business sector in general, and the consumer goods stocks, which remained in the aftermath of the Sadducee, were strong, leading the index up.

The KOSPI index closed at 2307.07, up 11.81 points (0.51%) from the day before, due to the influx of foreign capital.

In the KOSPI market, foreign investors net bought 173.5 billion won. On the other hand, institutions and individuals accounted for net sales of 141.7 billion won and 66.8 billion won respectively.

Program sales were 262.8 billion won in total, including net proceeds of arbitrage trading of 17 billion won and net purchase of 279.9 billion won in non-arbitrage trading.

In the index futures market, institutions and individuals account for 570 contracts and 666 contracts, respectively, while foreigners account for 899 contracts.

Among textiles, textile, apparel and wood products rose 2%. Medical Precision Securities Insurance Retail Industry Steel, metal chemical banking, machine banking etc. also increased slightly. On the other hand, the electric gas industry fell.

Among the top stocks, Samsung Electronics closed 0.65% (up W300) to 41,550 won. Foreigners’ personal taxes also dropped on the sellers of institutions and individuals.

SK Hynix, which is at the top of DRAM industry highs, closed 0.81% at 85,500 won, selling for foreigners and institutions.

On the other hand, Celltrion closed up 3% to the news that it won a lawsuit against the original US drug Jansen. Samsung Bio Logics also rose 2.68%. POSCO NAVER KB Financial Group Hyundai Mobis LG Household & Health Care Samsung Life Insurance Samsung SDS rose.

Hyundai Motor, LG Chem, Shinhan Holding, SK Telecom, SK SK Innovation, etc., fell.

In particular, KEPCO closed down 2.85% in the news that it lost its status as a priority target for construction of Moorish Nuclear Power Plant in the UK. In addition, related stocks such as KEPCO Technology (4.23%) and KEPCO KPS (3.77%) fell all together.

Consumer spending has skyrocketed due to the expectation of normalization of group tourism by Koreans to Korea. Korean cosmetics manufacturing topped the list, while Korean cosmetics (23.53%) and Hanwha Galleria Time (12.72%) all played a major role.

The model elite, which entered the Chinese market last year, also closed 11.57% higher than the day before.

In the Kospi market, 602 stocks rallied and 220 stocks fell.

Bio-China led by KOSDAQ … The KOSDAQ index was up 14.73 points (1.90%) to 790.25 points on the back of strong performance of bio-stocks and China-related consumer stocks. After dropping to 750 on March 23, it has re-entered 790 in 7 trading days.

In the KOSDAQ market, foreigners and individuals purchased 10.5 billion won and 35.1 billion won respectively. On the other hand, individuals sold net sales of 39.6 billion won.

By industry, other manufacturing spiked more than 5%, entertainment culture, chemical and pharmaceutical broadcasting services rose to 2 ~ 4%. IT general entertainment culture communication broadcasting service IT software IT hardware manufacturing construction distribution finance etc. all rose. However, transportation declined slightly.

Most of the sectors with the highest market cap have risen. Celltrion Healthcare climbed 2.96 percent to 94,400 won, while Celltrion Pharma climbed 7.69 percent.

As the good news of some bio stocks spread throughout the industry, Shilla Zen also soared 11.69%. Medytox Viromed Kolon Tissue Jean (Reg.S) Hugel Nexin and others are all on the rise.