Lisa Watier Foundation is Launching the “Entrepreneurship” Program to Help Women

The Lise Watier Foundation is launching the “ entrepreneurship” program to help women who are economically, socially or professionally vulnerable to make a new start towards long-term financial independence”.

With this program, the foundation wants to offer training, individual coaching and microcredit to women who want to start a business.

“When women are ready to start an entrepreneurial project, post-secondary studies or simply want to change jobs to improve their conditions, there is not much help,” says the President and CEO of the Lise Watier Foundation and daughter of the famous businesswoman, Marie-Lise Andrade.

“We can’t afford very large foundations, but we really believe our social impact is there. We have developed a specific program for that and with the notoriety and entrepreneurial background of Lise Watier, it was natural for us to come and help at this level, “she adds.

With a budget of $ 1 million, the foundation wants to help 200 women per year, 75% of whom will go through the entrepreneurial program.

“For the moment, we are operating in the regions of Montreal, Quebec City, the Laurentians and Montérégie. We want to launch our activities in Toronto in September and also want to extend these to two new regions in Quebec, but I cannot say more about this yet, ”says Ms. Andrade.

The leader adds that the foundation mainly targets women who are at the pre-startup and start-up stage of their start-up. “Other programs like Femmessor and Entreprendre help women who are more advanced in their projects, so we wanted to help them earlier,” she says.

In addition to the various programs, the Lise Watier Foundation will also offer loans of up to $ 10,000 at low interest rates to participants who request them.

Upon successful completion of the program, women will receive certification from Concordia University.

“Women have been more affected by the pandemic than men, as they are more present in the restaurant and hotel industries, which have suffered greatly for over a year. Sometimes they were forced to quit their jobs because they had to cope with a higher moral burden at home than usual. Our program is there to help them rebuild their trust, ”explains Marie-Lise Andrade.

The president maintains that the pandemic has given rise to a lot of questions among some women about their professional situation and the possibility of going into business, which can lead to a lot of insecurity.

“S’Entreprendre will allow women to work on their entrepreneurial skills. The aim is to make them realize that they have acquired skills throughout their professional careers and that these qualities are transferable when they decide to do something else. For those who decide to start a business project, we will need to guide and encourage them to find the spark, ”she said.