Lopez Keeps Affleck’s ring for 17 Years

The singer is in no hurry to rush into the arms of her ex. But – the memory, obviously, keeps. Jennifer decided to “torment” her ex: the star clearly has romantic feelings for Affleck, but their new romance will not develop rapidly. Insiders of Dailymail are sure of this.

Rumors of a possible reunion of the stars emerged after their joint trip to a ski resort in Montana.

“For now, Jay is focused on her children and continues to work in Miami. Their story is slowly, but still moving in a romantic direction, ”the newspaper writes. The singer’s personal publicist also added fuel to the fire, recently announcing that after breaking up with Affleck, Jay did not get rid of one significant gift.

“Jay’s heart is still broken, she still keeps the wedding ring that Affleck gave her. This is not surprising, because Ben is the love of her life, “- said Rob Shooter.

It is worth noting that some of the fans consider the rumors about the reunion of the couple to be PR, and mutual friends of Ben and Jay prefer to remain silent.